Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lets Get #UnitedAgainstTaliban

December 16th 2014 was the morning when Sun did not raise at all, a heart-wrecking incident that took 141 valuable lives in Peshawar and left unforgettable memories to eternity. Students of Army Public School were busy in their academic activities; who knew that within few minutes the scenario of the school would change the face of not only the students but also the entire world.

After 9/11 incident the entire world changed its foreign, interior and terrorism policies, but unfortunately, Pakistan has no guts to introduce any anti-terrorism policy to avoid any incidents like happened in Peshawar. Let me remind you all that this is not the first incident of Pakistan. Last year we saw Haraza community living in Baluchistan sat twice on road with hundreds of bodies but no hart moved for them.  In parliament, the parliamentarians have failed to introduce any anti-terrorism law. Judiciary system either is not strong enough to give judgment against such culprits or judges are influenced by political forces that support or being supported by extreme ideology.
Pakistan is facing sectarian, ethnic, political, separatism and Taliban terrorism and in addition, presence of ISIS cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, the country is facing these long drawn battles for decades but has failed to deal with such issues through a proper system. Dealing such, terrorism government should decide on to make policy according to circumstances. It is not a day-to-day office procedure thing, have to take risk, and have to make strategies. 

Evidently, many Political parties have affiliation with extremist banned organizations, which they call as their angry or confused brothers. Many religious-political forces like Jamat-Islami defend these terrorists as "Heroes of the religion" and reportedly shelter them at their residences and offices. It is unfortunate to see that such forces become the part of the system through allies of political forces. Currently, Jamat-Islami is in KP government as ally of PTI, the same province that faced this heinous incident. For defeating the terrorism, we need to defeat these sympathizers and supporters of terrorist organizations by rejecting through our votes. 

In addition, must not forget the services and sacrifices of Pakistan Army who are on ground to keep us safe as much as they can. We wake up in the morning, sleep safe just because they are there to protect this beloved country and its fellowmen without any differentiation.

Pakistan has already lost more than 60 thousands lives in war against terrorism, attack on children is beyond the limit, it is time to be offensive. We are Pakistan so let us pay them back with the same coins.