Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Real Challenges For PLMN

PMLN is governing Punjab since the last 3 decades. Despite of corruption, frauds & exploitation, PML Nawaz Group has managed to survive in Pakistani Politics somehow. Instead of focusing on Education, they focused on distributing Laptops & building motorways to rum their Metro Buses. PMLN as claim to be the champions of democratic system, have failed to deliver a proper schooling structure which resulted in formations of Madarssas. Being poor & with religious background Parents eventually admit their children in Madarssas with the sense that their children are in safe hands.

The body of a 6 year old boy named Moin was found hanging on the rooftop of a Mosque in his own neighbourhood. The boy was kidnapped and then raped by none other than the Mulla of the same mosque in Green Town Area Lahore.

A 5 year old girl was found in critical condition after being kidnapped & brutally raped in eastern City of Lahore.

Kidnapping, Rape, Children being kept as sex slaves has become practice in most of the Punjab.

With the discovery of more than 400 videos recorded and more than 280 children involve in the largest child abuse scandal in the history of Pakistan happened in Kasur, Punjab right under the nose of PMLN Government. Victims are said to be under the age of 14, who were forced to perform the felonious act and were being filmed to blackmail the families and in return receives money.

Regretfully, many of the accused are bailed out including a local MPA & Police Officer. After the vicious carnage of APS Children in Peshawar, it’s yet another slap on Shareef Government. They are answerable not only in front of APS Massacre Affectes but every single teardrop shed from the eyes of the parents of Moin, APS Children, Kasur Child Sex Abuse Case or any other such incident registered or unregistered.


The Crime Statistics of Punjab Police is much on high side rather than any province of the country.

But despite 1/3 of majority in NA & being supreme power the PMLN Government has failed their supporters / voters yet again. But PMLN is doing their traditinal politics by using media, judiciary and paramilitary forces and crushing other middle class representative parties and small provinces. Their emphasis should be to solve real issues which are happening every day in Punjab otherwise they might not be able to maintain their trust on their well-wishers. But currently their focus is to crush Altaf Hussain's political leadership. Is it possible to crush a leader who represent the metropolis of Pakistan.

PMLN Government's only threat is Altaf Hussain & MQM the only middle class liberal party in entire Pakistan, as if all snags will erase if they prospered in finishing MQM. Karachi has the most powerful elite and educated class all over the country. Even on the ongoing operation against the MQM, they have managed to survive and still stand with head held high. We do not see such brutal stories of kidnapping, rape, gang rape, child abuse, or children being abused in Mosques or Madarris. MQM has always delivered when it comes to its voters / supporters. But PMLN should stop fabricating manipulated stories against Altaf Hussain or MQM, and focus on such inhumane acts happening in Punjab. 

Shariqa Ahmed
Twitter: @Shariqa_Ahmed