Friday, June 10, 2016

38 Struggling Years Of APMSO

In Pakistani Politics, it has been seen in that Political Parties are formed and Students Wings are given birth later. Pakistan's new generation probably does not know that the MQM is the Pakistan's only political party, which has been produced by a student organisation. Such as there is no other example found in Pakistan. The only political strength which represents the educated and hardworking youth from poor and middle class families which has no feudal background or any backing from the establishment as we have seen in various occasions. APMSO was founded by Mr. Altaf Hussain and his close associates. In his academic years, Mr. Hussain felt that some intense injustices are been exercised with the Urdu Speaking Community in every walk of life. When he steeped in Karachi University he realised that there are numerous Student Organisations of various communities formed on ethnic basis, but there was no such group who represents the Urdu Speaking Community; the largest majority exists in in Karachi. Mr. Hussain also felt that Mohajirs (Urdu Speaking Community) are not only abused in other spheres of life but, also being abused in the field of education with Mohajir Students.

Because of the Quota System, Urdu Speaking graduates were neglected in jobs. In the year 1979, Mr. Hussain replied with proved to objections raise by his opponents with newspaper clipping on occasion of Union Election in which it was clearly stated that graduates from Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur are excused not to bother for the said jobs ads at that time. He also showed a form in which the applicant was asked the name of his father and grandfather's name, but also their birthplaces. There was also a problem in grant of Universities of urban areas of Sindh. Grant for Karachi University was less than other universities in Pakistan. Not only was that, hostel facilities in comparison to other students from Rural Sindh were better from students of Karachi. Islamic religious students and leftist organisation used to form alliance in Student Union Elections, and there was no platform for Urdu Speaking Students. There was representation of regional Student Organisations of other provinces of Pakistan but no voice to raise issues related to Urdu Speaking Students in Karachi University. There were fewer seats in educational institution in Karachi for the entitled students from their own city as they were totally ignored, while students were admitted without merit from rural areas. When Mr. Hussain enrolled in Karachi University, he fondled the excessive cruelty faced by Urdu Speaking Students. He also found that there were various regional organisations, but no union for Urdu Speaking Students which led him to think for forming own stage for the same. Finally, on June 11, 1978 APMSO was formed by Mr. Altaf Hussain.

APMSO emerged as the most popular Student Organisation of Karachi University, which became threat to Jamiat Students and on June June 3, 1981 goons from Jamiat through force and violence evicted Mr. Hussain and his peers from Karachi University. This eviction benefited in every way to APMSO and this student organisation appeared as the only popular and strong political force for Urdu Speaking Community later named as Mohajir Quami Movement. Like the Jamiat felt threatened by APMSO, similarly the establishment considers MQM as threat, as its only MQM who has challenged the ‘Status Quo’ of this country’s political system.  MQM has sent educated youth from poor and middle class to the assemblies of capitalists and landowners. These educated people from poor and middle class families are aware of the problems of a common man and are determine solve it in best possible way. That is why establishment understands MQM as a threat and they are very sure if MQM message is spread throughout the country that would be the last nail in coffin for the traditional landowners, capitalists and generals. Just like MQM has bagged the goals of Islamic and other religious political goals in the city. Therefore the establishment understands MQM is a threat and is trying to discredit the party and they are on state operation against MQM to engage them in false cases and so their message can never spread to the common man all over Pakistan. It’s such a mistake that they would finish MQM with such actions; MQM has the power of its workers and its voters. Karachi's electorate is well informed and aware of the false propaganda of the establishment. People of Karachi are well aware that MQM is the only political force who understands their problems.

Today on its 38th birthday APMSO has become rock as tree trunk just because of the trust people has on it. Yet the roots are so strong that states repeatedly operation cannot end MQM and is coming forward as strong organisation as ever before. The message is spreading recklessly in every street in the country and we hope that this movement truly brings change in the country. Thus the result of unimaginable struggle, MQM has already got rid of corrupt political system and focused on merit, and displayed a way to get rid of such system and showed a way to have privileged sun to rule the poor and oppressed class in the country.

(translation from Urdu Blog written by @faisalmahmood99) 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mothers Day of Shaheed's Mother.

May 1, 2016, Karachi Pakistan, It’s just a normal Sunday for my 43 year old son Aftab Ahmed, he was busy in daily routines, looking after his kids & rest of the family. He was heading towards his most passionate job which was to speak out for the injustice happening in the city against a specific community i.e. Mohajirs of Karachi.

Around middle of the night Main Gate was kicked out by LEA’s and Aftab was picked up Rangers as he was coordinator of senior MQM Leader Mr. Farooq Sattar. This wasn't happening for the first time as many of #MQM Workers Families has experienced the same. My heart was pounding as if I may not see my child again but I had faith in Almighty, the same faith when I & my family migrated from India to Independent Pakistan to live and perish for the rest of our generations.

The very next day Aftab was presented in ATC and handed over to Rangers for 90 days. I prayed to Allah Almighty to give courage to my child and help him to endure the worse he was about to face in Rangers Custody. I saw him on TV attended under dozens of Rangers Workforces’, his head covered with a bag I was relieved that at least he is okay, that’s was the hope that one day he might come home.

Divested because I didn't know where he has been taken, I was lost but that lead me nowhere as I only had to wait until he is free. It was now two days when Aftab was in Rangers Custody. Then on May 3, 2016 there was chaos in my home that Aftab is no longer among us. My son was gone; I didn't even know what really happened to him.

My son died in Rangers Custody due to inhumane torture. His 40 / 45 % of the body were choked due to multiple bruises he received in Rangers Custody.  They said he was brought to Hospital with no pulse and no blood pressure.

My son died around 07:45 am. Post-mortem reports said that "Multiple bruises found which are variable in sizes in different regions of the body. Redish and redish black in colour, some found overlapping each other,"
“Ahmed's body also had multiple abrasions, with patches of skin missing. His left foot's big toe nail was displaced from its anatomical position. Deep congestion with swelling was also noted around both his ankle joints.”

I am proud that my son did give hell of a fight with patience and remained persistent. I think he has pretty much solved his case himself, without those injuries, the bruises he received and the way he was murdered he set the motion that ultimately lead to a question mark on Law Enforcement Personnel’s & Law Makers.

After brutal torture Aftab friends & MQM community did best to keep Aftab story on front page, the story today may not be story tomorrow, the story is still fresh, and everybody is on my side the main thing is the community support that everybody’s is behind you, everybody wants justice & everybody  wants to see responsible behind bars.

For me the wait is ended, my worries are over the gap to see my son coming home with my blurred eyes is completed. I hear Aftab mumbling in my ears “Mom it’s so wonderful here, I am flying high in the sky; just like the stories you used to tell. I have found peace and Mom yes I am free now. I have got everything here expect you.” Can’t wait to be with you my beloved son. May you rest in peace. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Social Media – Monster Controlling Minds

Being a Mommy is the most incredible thing that happens to any woman. Giving birth to a child completes Womanhood. Every Mom wants the best for her children in their lives. Bringing up this blessing of life supports and motivates the Woman to go on, in the corner of the heart Mom knows what her children are and she knows that they will make their way.

Apart from academic responsibilities Children while growing up develop lot of interests like playing cricket, hanging out with friends and must not forget computers.  They find computers more credible and compassionate. They serve their quality time on computer either studying or playing games. Children find computers as their comfort zone and they create their own fantasy world around it. They even accumulate their savings to upgrade it.

Social Media, Online Games and many other Social Networking sites attract children and introduce unknown users of similar interests. They often find new friends without knowing who is behind the screen tricking them. Although Social Media is an incredible medium for interacting around the world within seconds, but it does have some horrific negative aspect too. They are always online communicating with friends sharing news, photos, videos in fingertips which make them feel wanted and socialized.  

As a parent specially of teenagers who are experiencing the world their way, have to make sure their children do not spend too much time on engaging internet activity and they must keep a close eye on their happenings, just to make sure their communication and interaction with friends is ‘open’, most importantly parents has to be vigilant just to keep their children safe. Teenagers mostly get impressed by exciting stories and glamorous lifestyle, which is sometimes alarming which led to personality disorder in their upbringing.

Influence of Social Media has played a significant role in our society. It has become a necessary part of our lives and symbol of social status as well. Behavior of children is affected; social media sometimes becomes a pied piper for children. The desktop on study table or a smart phone has replaced the role of parents & overtaken children’s mind. They direct what to do and what not to do which is such an amazing metaphor which controls one’s life and parents are unaware of it. Literately it’s a devil which is along with their children 24/7. Cell phones and excessive use of internet constantly exert its power in every way it can, on the other hand parents are compassionate who trust their children. So no matter how much they care or want to make them safe, the love they give their children and the independence they offer them as a child is total in their hands.

Social Media has become an instructor in our children’s life, teachers refers them to research and do their work by the help of internet, friends suggests they can find updates of their interests like music, movies etc. Surprisingly, as parents us ourselves allows our children to be groomed by this Monster.

Being a teenager is an incredible confusing world, pierce becomes very very important and it doesn’t matter how close you are to a parent and how great your parents are, as you start becoming more independent you look to others either of your age or a little bit older to direct you in your journey.

As a family quality time with own children, communication and elucidation about their interests is what Parents must practice. Love and affection can replace every gadget. It’s round the clock job of Parents to a friend of their children and guides them in every step of life.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


It was shocking to hear that schools & colleges of Pakistan except Sindh are closed for 03 days either it is because of extreme winter or due to security measures. Whole Pakistan is under a continuous threat & chaos. More off Schools under jurisdiction of Armed forces were closed in Sindh as well. 

On one hand these Politicians, Elected Governments & even Armed Forces claims that National Action Plan is resulting in a promising manner, then what was the reason of shutting down educational institutions in country.

Being a concerned Parent and law abide citizen it’s my fundamental right to know that my children who goes to schools or colleges are safe. I would not like to stay under constant fear that my children aren’t save. Closing schools was the surprising option of this ‘failed’ Government who are helpless against bunch of idiots who keep threatening our children and playing with the careers of our future.

After 16/12 the APS horrific incident, measure were taken to involve on educational institutions throughout Pakistan. Rs.7.5B was allocated on Security Plan for Educational Institutions in the province of Sindh, unfortunately the plan is awaited for execution.  

More to add Karachi being the mega city of Pakistan and students from all around the country as well as from the parts of the world comes here for better education; Rs.83M was allocated for the security plan which remains in files since February 2015.

It is loud and clear that there are many chances of security breach in educational institutions, never been an easy task. Governments need to take parents into confidence and must curtail the chaos and panic. Social Media is the fastest way circulating such messages or posts, even Governments can’t control it.

It’s a huge responsibility of Governments, Educational Institutions, Law Enforcement Agencies, especially Parents has to own such situation as together we can win this war. It’s such a shame that Madressahs are open and schools are closed. How come the children who come to these Madressahs are safe? National Action Plan is failure? Funds allocated for Security Plan in educational institutions spent? Are they trying to sabotage the educational system of Karachi only? Or we already have lost the war.