Thursday, January 28, 2016


It was shocking to hear that schools & colleges of Pakistan except Sindh are closed for 03 days either it is because of extreme winter or due to security measures. Whole Pakistan is under a continuous threat & chaos. More off Schools under jurisdiction of Armed forces were closed in Sindh as well. 

On one hand these Politicians, Elected Governments & even Armed Forces claims that National Action Plan is resulting in a promising manner, then what was the reason of shutting down educational institutions in country.

Being a concerned Parent and law abide citizen it’s my fundamental right to know that my children who goes to schools or colleges are safe. I would not like to stay under constant fear that my children aren’t save. Closing schools was the surprising option of this ‘failed’ Government who are helpless against bunch of idiots who keep threatening our children and playing with the careers of our future.

After 16/12 the APS horrific incident, measure were taken to involve on educational institutions throughout Pakistan. Rs.7.5B was allocated on Security Plan for Educational Institutions in the province of Sindh, unfortunately the plan is awaited for execution.  

More to add Karachi being the mega city of Pakistan and students from all around the country as well as from the parts of the world comes here for better education; Rs.83M was allocated for the security plan which remains in files since February 2015.

It is loud and clear that there are many chances of security breach in educational institutions, never been an easy task. Governments need to take parents into confidence and must curtail the chaos and panic. Social Media is the fastest way circulating such messages or posts, even Governments can’t control it.

It’s a huge responsibility of Governments, Educational Institutions, Law Enforcement Agencies, especially Parents has to own such situation as together we can win this war. It’s such a shame that Madressahs are open and schools are closed. How come the children who come to these Madressahs are safe? National Action Plan is failure? Funds allocated for Security Plan in educational institutions spent? Are they trying to sabotage the educational system of Karachi only? Or we already have lost the war.