Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mothers Day of Shaheed's Mother.

May 1, 2016, Karachi Pakistan, It’s just a normal Sunday for my 43 year old son Aftab Ahmed, he was busy in daily routines, looking after his kids & rest of the family. He was heading towards his most passionate job which was to speak out for the injustice happening in the city against a specific community i.e. Mohajirs of Karachi.

Around middle of the night Main Gate was kicked out by LEA’s and Aftab was picked up Rangers as he was coordinator of senior MQM Leader Mr. Farooq Sattar. This wasn't happening for the first time as many of #MQM Workers Families has experienced the same. My heart was pounding as if I may not see my child again but I had faith in Almighty, the same faith when I & my family migrated from India to Independent Pakistan to live and perish for the rest of our generations.

The very next day Aftab was presented in ATC and handed over to Rangers for 90 days. I prayed to Allah Almighty to give courage to my child and help him to endure the worse he was about to face in Rangers Custody. I saw him on TV attended under dozens of Rangers Workforces’, his head covered with a bag I was relieved that at least he is okay, that’s was the hope that one day he might come home.

Divested because I didn't know where he has been taken, I was lost but that lead me nowhere as I only had to wait until he is free. It was now two days when Aftab was in Rangers Custody. Then on May 3, 2016 there was chaos in my home that Aftab is no longer among us. My son was gone; I didn't even know what really happened to him.

My son died in Rangers Custody due to inhumane torture. His 40 / 45 % of the body were choked due to multiple bruises he received in Rangers Custody.  They said he was brought to Hospital with no pulse and no blood pressure.

My son died around 07:45 am. Post-mortem reports said that "Multiple bruises found which are variable in sizes in different regions of the body. Redish and redish black in colour, some found overlapping each other,"
“Ahmed's body also had multiple abrasions, with patches of skin missing. His left foot's big toe nail was displaced from its anatomical position. Deep congestion with swelling was also noted around both his ankle joints.”

I am proud that my son did give hell of a fight with patience and remained persistent. I think he has pretty much solved his case himself, without those injuries, the bruises he received and the way he was murdered he set the motion that ultimately lead to a question mark on Law Enforcement Personnel’s & Law Makers.

After brutal torture Aftab friends & MQM community did best to keep Aftab story on front page, the story today may not be story tomorrow, the story is still fresh, and everybody is on my side the main thing is the community support that everybody’s is behind you, everybody wants justice & everybody  wants to see responsible behind bars.

For me the wait is ended, my worries are over the gap to see my son coming home with my blurred eyes is completed. I hear Aftab mumbling in my ears “Mom it’s so wonderful here, I am flying high in the sky; just like the stories you used to tell. I have found peace and Mom yes I am free now. I have got everything here expect you.” Can’t wait to be with you my beloved son. May you rest in peace.