Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Happy Birthday QeT Altaf Hussain

Growing up in Karachi is overwhelming and splendid feeling, apart from any other city of Pakistan. The most educated, learned and cultured city of Pakistan.

Politics of Pakistan has been funny in a way that when it comes to democracy only feuds & wealthy run the country to strengthen their businesses and middle knowledgeable class neither respected nor appreciated.

Altaf Hussain born to Mr.  & Mrs. Nazir Hussain was amongst educated and dignified families emerged as most powerful and brightest political personality in Pakistani & International politics. The honorable leader’s knowledge with unique political thinking of introducing / empowering middle educated class into Pakistani politics. The glory of constant movement APMSO (The then - All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organization) established in the year 1978 by Mr. Hussain is still shinning under his leadership.

The empowerment of middle class is the basic purpose of the movement, which turned into the MQM come forward as the third powerful party in politics of Pakistan. MQM, power of middle class sophisticated families from Urban Sindh has been playing important role with ability to produce genuine politicians. It is a universal truth that where there is good evil is always present.

Early this year there are ‘unseen’ forces that have been are using all necessary means to crush MQM. Years have passed but 1992 operation repeated again on MQM. Many of their workers are missing, arrested on false cases and many been killed in extra judicial custody.

MQM is a healing force and Mr. Hussain is a miracle hand for the people of Urban Sindh. MQM Workers / Supporters / Well Wishers believe that MQM is the only challenge to the status quo in Pakistan. Under the brainpower of Mr. Hussain & love from the people, MQM is still shinning as brightest star in political history of Pakistan.

September 17th, we embrace a great leader and his sacrifices for his people. This day, we do not only celebrate the memorable birthday of Mr. Altaf Hussian but we celebrate who we are, how we got there & where we have been. No matter how strong, bigger, faster & well equipped our opponents are & how ‘best’ they are presented on visual & print media. They know it too Our Great Leader is miles apart & many of our friends (who died & those who are arrested) will not be able to celebrate this event, but they will be watching and they will be gritting their teeth with every roar of the slogan ‘Jiye Altaf Hussain & ‘Jiye Muttahida’. In addition, for this crucial & difficult time we have to trust Allah & stay united, as this is how we shall be remembered and Insha’Allah grab the glory.  

Happy Birthday QeT Altaf Hussain.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Our Children – Our Future

It was routine morning in a private school of Patel Para, Karachi. A boy from 10th grade kills his girlfriend and committed suicide in fear of expected failure in love. These teenagers became the victim of Bollywood Industry who has already done a lot of damage in Pakistani Culture. Mentally, physically & socially teenagers in Pakistan are attracted towards the exciting, glamorous & electrifying world of Bollywood Movies / Dramas. So does NavRoz adopt and shot Fatima then took his life just to save the so called ‘LOVE’ as portrayed in Bollywood.

We as a society all are responsible of this tragedy. Hopelessness & worthlessness may create such feelings that lead to mental state of ending one’s life. In our society teenagers are neglected & caught up in that grey area between the adulthood & childhood. They are treated as ‘you are too young to understand such things’ & ‘you are too old enough to take care of yourself’. Insecurity is developed in clean mind resulting ‘my family doesn’t understand me’. We expect & pressurize our teenagers to fit socially, perform academically & to act responsibly. There’s always conflict between rules & expectations set by others to teenagers, as they themselves going through phase of sexual identity & being independent.

In my view parents of both victims must have never expected that their children will execute such act. Apart from their responsibilities they should have talked to their children, comforted them, and dealt the situation in a healthy manner. Warning attitudes of teenagers aren’t any attention seeking tactics; it’s environmental, social, mental & physical anxiety that they are going through. Discussion about suicides or death in general, or sentences like ‘I won’t be a problem for you much longer, nothing matters, it’s no issue, I won’t see you again’ are be noticed with full interest.  

Although it’s useless to write all such things because Navroz & Fatima are no more. My words or such writings can’t bring their lives back, but whoever reads it will definitely think what part we can play to end such happenings. To avoid such unfairness keep healthy relationship with your children, friendly teachers can play part and on whole promote Pakistanism, Pakistani values and its morals.

Hoping we will all play a responsible role to save our children – Our Future. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Real Challenges For PLMN

PMLN is governing Punjab since the last 3 decades. Despite of corruption, frauds & exploitation, PML Nawaz Group has managed to survive in Pakistani Politics somehow. Instead of focusing on Education, they focused on distributing Laptops & building motorways to rum their Metro Buses. PMLN as claim to be the champions of democratic system, have failed to deliver a proper schooling structure which resulted in formations of Madarssas. Being poor & with religious background Parents eventually admit their children in Madarssas with the sense that their children are in safe hands.

The body of a 6 year old boy named Moin was found hanging on the rooftop of a Mosque in his own neighbourhood. The boy was kidnapped and then raped by none other than the Mulla of the same mosque in Green Town Area Lahore.

A 5 year old girl was found in critical condition after being kidnapped & brutally raped in eastern City of Lahore.

Kidnapping, Rape, Children being kept as sex slaves has become practice in most of the Punjab.

With the discovery of more than 400 videos recorded and more than 280 children involve in the largest child abuse scandal in the history of Pakistan happened in Kasur, Punjab right under the nose of PMLN Government. Victims are said to be under the age of 14, who were forced to perform the felonious act and were being filmed to blackmail the families and in return receives money.

Regretfully, many of the accused are bailed out including a local MPA & Police Officer. After the vicious carnage of APS Children in Peshawar, it’s yet another slap on Shareef Government. They are answerable not only in front of APS Massacre Affectes but every single teardrop shed from the eyes of the parents of Moin, APS Children, Kasur Child Sex Abuse Case or any other such incident registered or unregistered.


The Crime Statistics of Punjab Police is much on high side rather than any province of the country.

But despite 1/3 of majority in NA & being supreme power the PMLN Government has failed their supporters / voters yet again. But PMLN is doing their traditinal politics by using media, judiciary and paramilitary forces and crushing other middle class representative parties and small provinces. Their emphasis should be to solve real issues which are happening every day in Punjab otherwise they might not be able to maintain their trust on their well-wishers. But currently their focus is to crush Altaf Hussain's political leadership. Is it possible to crush a leader who represent the metropolis of Pakistan.

PMLN Government's only threat is Altaf Hussain & MQM the only middle class liberal party in entire Pakistan, as if all snags will erase if they prospered in finishing MQM. Karachi has the most powerful elite and educated class all over the country. Even on the ongoing operation against the MQM, they have managed to survive and still stand with head held high. We do not see such brutal stories of kidnapping, rape, gang rape, child abuse, or children being abused in Mosques or Madarris. MQM has always delivered when it comes to its voters / supporters. But PMLN should stop fabricating manipulated stories against Altaf Hussain or MQM, and focus on such inhumane acts happening in Punjab. 

Shariqa Ahmed
Twitter: @Shariqa_Ahmed

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Incredible Karachi

Karachi the most talked subject on media and negatively presented city of Pakistan, luckily the only city of Pakistan who has survived in every situation. People talk that Lahore is meant to be ‘Zinda Dil Waloan Ka’ but its only Karachi who has proved to be the Open Hearted City for entire Pakistan. Karachi is not biggest city of Pakistan but in my view Karachi is Pakistan, if Karachi sprints so does Pakistan.

Karachi is resilient city; despite of political, social & environmental changes people of Karachi are alive & very much optimistic towards their city. City of 2.5 million people means 12% of Pakistanis live in Karachi only. Best Universities / Colleges are blessed by this city, we have the best brains are refined here of entire Pakistan.

Even though the law & order situation this city faces, the property value of Karachi increases day by day. Although many of young guns chose to leave Karachi for safety & better living, but they return their earnings & invest in Karachi because such hazards have still not damage the economy of Karachi. People here are very confident regardless of anything this city will always remain the reason of prosperity of Pakistan. Being from Karachi, must represent & show the bright side of our city. There is so much that this city is doing & must give a shut up call to whoever give a picture of negativity of this city.

Almost 0.6 million people from Pakistan comes to Karachi, why? If the law & order situation is so dreadful then why such numbers migrate to Karachi? That’s the proud moment when I like to describe that Karachi plays a motherly role in Pakistan economy, it saves, protects & bring up the populace of whole Pakistan. People from all over Pakistan comes to Karachi for employment, question is why do they come here? For the past years we haven’t seen any new Universities, Hospitals, and Industries etc. Failure of other provincial Governments including Sindh proves that people choose Karachi for betterment in their lives. Karachi offers them employment, security & improved source of revenue.

It’s sad to say that almost 60% population returns back to their local places when usual holidays are declared. Remaining those 40% citizens who are basically from this city has to bear the damages which are left behind by non locals. Damages done on infra structure especially on roads are caused by the trawlers, huge trucks which have no local numbers plates and are not from Karachi. Such heavy vehicles do pay tax from they came from but ruins the roads here.

I personally blame the irresponsible behavior of News Media, just for point scoring they emphasize on negative news from this city. Such badness is found in every mega city all across the world, but no one shout out loud their own weaknesses as our news media does. Surprisingly, we see the rising drama, film & fashion industry in Karachi only. Karachi has become the core of private films since the last 5 years.

Huge number of donations & aid are collected from this city for the victims of any incident. Affected citizens from natural disaster either flood, droughts, earthquakes or from terrorism await support from Karachi; because they trust Karachi will send the aid in their critical time. Despite instability of law & order condition; open dinning for the needy in various parts of the city from 2 to 3 times a day is witnessed. This city is never shortened by ambulances, doctors & staff if any disaster occurs. People grieve over situations but international exhibitions, festivals, conferences; ceremonies do take place on their due dates.

Regardless of 60/40 % of quota system, Karachi is not receiving its due share. It’s not irrelevant to say that development / maintenance comes under Provincial Government, but we don’t see any genuineness & sincerity towards the betterment of this city. The only thing people like to do is to blame one another, in fact if they use such abilities for the improvement of our city, Karachi will be another international hub for South Asia.

Even with target killing, extortion, ongoing operation etc etc there is life full of color exists somewhere inside every Karachiet. People of Karachi aren’t afraid of any chaotic situation, they stand unite and fight such state of affairs with bravery. Karachi is our home; we have kept it alive and with hearts, will keep lights on top of the world.

Monday, June 1, 2015

I am Pakistan

Throwing garbage from windows, spitting on roads / buildings, telling lies to each other, pointing fingers on others, etc has become a part of very day life for us now. Pushing each other while getting lined up for namaz, fear of losing slippers while in Masjid, and use religion as shield to hide behind it is the saddest part in our society. Irresponsible driving, crossing roads blindly despite of pedestrian bridges, uneven parking shows the mental level of distressed society.

As humans & Pakistanis we have stop trusting each other, honesty & trustworthiness has been lost in our lives. We forget promises we make & lose loyalty. We are not reliable and ultimately lose credibility between words & actions. Alas being human reputation is at risk then faces criticism all over the world.

It’s really sad to see that if any of the children is scold by teachers; parents dishonor the teachers & that step encourages the child to repeat that act. Sense of pessimistic authority is developed & as time goes by it becomes part of habit resulting in generating irresponsible & rude individuals. Character building starts within the home & it should be parents’ supreme responsibility to teach their children how to respect elders.

Building a civilized society is a collective responsibility of every human being. Parents, teachers & elders should teach children how to treat others better than they treat you. Be open and tolerate differences, deal peacefully with disagreements & anger in good manner. Must treat others the way we want them to treat us.

We are accountable of our actions; if we do good there is no way that will catch a bad return. We have to be fair not with own selves but in general, governments, people ruling the country. Rulers take oath that ‘we will work honestly and sincerely and be remain faithful and loyal to the Government of Pakistan’ But?  Chaos in Pakistani society is just because we within ourselves have lost our integrity, commitments and competency of being loyal & faithful. We aren’t open-minded to others fault be do take advantage to humiliate to least level. We get jealous of others achievements, satisfy ourselves on wrong doings.  

Through this blog, just wanted to send the message to all fellow countrymen, that we can make Pakistan a best society by starting today from ourselves. Being parents we are role models to our coming generations. We can teach our children the importance to being honest, caring & building personal morals.

Generate and sustain trust, demonstrate respect, responsibility, fairness & caring behaviors are the foundation of a decent society. Small things can create miracles, be cooperative, share information, be a good neighbor, protect environment, be a law abiding citizen, exhibit civic duties, forgive others, help the needy, express gratitude are just simple common things which are in Holy Quran & taught by Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Think before act, act with self discipline, and be consistent with decisions made, don’t lie to your people. Because there is a system which is controlled by Allah Almighty, no one and nothing is hidden from Him. On the Day of Judgment everyone is answerable in front of Him. So fulfill your responsibilities, instead of hating each other, give respect, caring, forgiveness & love a room to be accompanying us our lives.

Let’s make ourselves proud, our ancestors proud, our Quaid-e-Azam proud with Allah Almighty’s blessings.  Pakistan Zindabad.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Shameful Truth

Finding religious excuses, most of the families refuse to give polio vaccination to children as they state it is non-Islamic but keep eyes closed to the plague which is much more treacherous and disgraceful to Pakistani society. Over populated families, no incentive taken by parents to send children to schools and poverty are the reasons where boys at very young age are sent to go for work by their parents.

Pakistan a democratic nuclear Muslim nation and the frontline state fighting against terrorism, but kept denying the fact of unexpected increase in sexual exploitation of several poor & weak children. For cheap education such poor children are either send to Madaris or to work as labor to bring bread and butter for the family.

In Madaris it is witnessed that children are sexually exploited by their teachers or elder mates. Older boys are being used for such purpose and first they gain trust and after they prepare those children for their Qazi / Teachers. Gifts, playing with toys & love give confidence to a child who has never got this from parents. In exchange for accomplishment of sexual desires, gets good food & cash in return.  Abid as a young boy used to go to Madrsa where he faced harassment by his Teacher / Qari, who threatened him of ruining his life. To avoid such behavior Abid stop going to Madrsa. A few days later, Abid was playing with his younger siblings at home, when Amin, accompanied by three men, broke into his house and threw acid over his body. 50% of the body is affected, lost eyesight & face completely disfigured for the rest of his life.

Whether its mega city, small city, town, village, tehsil it’s happening everywhere, especially on the tribal belts. Easy money making, expensive food & valuable gifts are the objects where such juveniles easily get tempted. Growing up in such atmosphere children get used to it and find their clients on their own.

‘Our main customers are the drivers and daily wage labour’ said a 12 yr old who was abducted by his elder brother’s friend and then escorted to Qazi / Teacher. He added that they have chosen their fate and no interest of getting help of any kind. An 8 yr old added that ‘We are earning good money, and now we also have touch screen mobile phones’. ‘Four people grab me and threw in their car and raped me, one was the driver I knew and 3 others were drug addicts, they left fainted’ says 11 yr old Naeem. These children travel from districts or cities for such exploitation and are well paid, the stay in big cities these boys earn almost 8 / 10 thousand a week.

On other aspect displaced people who have migrated by of any reason is also a huge factor of increase in child exploitation. Workers, traders & security guards and sometimes LEA’s who have been away from their married lives are main clients of such children. Bus stops, parks, under construction buildings are hideouts of such notorious activities.

More than 70% cases of child sexual exploitation happen in KPK or with the children who have migrated from KPK. Children aren’t in schools as of school standards and parents could not afford private schools due to high fee structure. 5000 plus children are on streets of Peshawar only with most of them nowhere to go.

This is the reality of our country, and we need to raise awareness about it.


Shariqa Ahmed
Twitter:  @Shariqa_Ahmed

Monday, February 2, 2015

I am back as a warrior.

My name is XYZ, it’s my honor to be born in the family who had scarified 1,000,000 numbers of deaths and bestow lifeblood in the roots of Pakistan.

I belong to Karachi and of course a devoted worker of QeT Atlaf Hussain which represents the ‘inverted coma’ political party. MQM has always been a threat to status quo which is ruling Sindh about 45 years approximately.

It was wedding in family and we had guests from Punjab, house was blessed by these visitors. There these uniformed unidentified Rangers with masks on their faces came into my house looking for me. My family didn’t resist and I was arrested in day light in front of those guests and my neighbors.

I was blindfolded, was dumped in police van and taken to Rangers Headquarters. They throw me out of the police van and I ended up in an investigation room which I felt by my sense.

I was beaten by everyone present in that room, I can smell their intentions, and this could be my last day of my life. As I belong to the most famous party of Karachi I was alleged in bhatta khori, hide & skin collection, murdering 5 people and target killing. They knew I was Joint Incharge of Unit 173 North Nazimabad and what my daily routines are. The whole time I was greeted with foot & hand power punches. It was just an episode; the real story begins…..

They started beating with “Sooba Chaheay? Ye lo sooba” (instinct Punjabi tone) and then I was kicked with combat punches in sensitive areas of my body. “Altaf Hussian ko gali do” the thing which I couldn’t do with my living breathes, they hit and kept hitting. “Altaf k naam k saath Taaf lagga hae aur Taaf Kabay se hae, Musalman ho k ye nahi karoanga” that’s what I replied, the beast got more angry and then again I was honored. He asked “Hussian ko gali do”, I said “Hussian tau Muhammad (SAWW) k nawasay hean, unhean kaisy gali doan?” and of course after this statement I was treated like a dog. There I heard Azaan and they stopped beating. They left the room, saying that I will be handed over to ISI tonight. Before handing over to ISI a Medical Attendant with Sindhi accent, checked me and said “Ye nishaan kyn chortay ho? Humaray leay mushkil ho jati hae report banna, iss  se acha khatam hi kr dya karo.”

It was a feeling like you are blind; you can’t breathe until you see a ray or spark of light at the end of the tunnel, or like voluntary apnea. No matter how much you freak out, the instinct not look at flash that you won’t open your eyes because you’re afraid that you might not resist to that gleam or if you will, your head will explode. But when you finally do let it, that’s when it stops hurting, it’s not scary anymore, and actually it felt kind of peaceful. 

I was handed to ISI that second night, they hanged me upside down repeated that same which I had experienced with Rangers. My ribs were broken, can’t feel my legs and was continuously beaten by don’t know how many agents, it was hell and I was there to experience that hell. That moment I begged Almighty; please give me strength not get unconscious or else I will end in shame, that I couldn’t bear such hurdles for QeT Altaf Hussain. The 3rd night they make me ly down on my stomach and tied my hands backwards with my feet. I was already in pain because of my broken ribs, and then they started beating my hands & legs, black and blue.

Suddenly all stopped, by heartbreaking news that Dilshad Ahmed, MQM Worker Burns Road has died due to inhumane torture by Rangers/ISI/Police/LEA’s. That news has taken away my missing senses and I can see my death right in front of my eyes. But, later on ….. I was told that they have called my brother and they’ll hand me over to my brother next afternoon.

Miracles do happen and I was spared just because of Dilshad Bhai, he saved my life by giving up his, and I shall always be in debt of his family. I was handed over to my brother the next afternoon, but my heart and mind was hanged on Dilshad Bhai, just because of him I was back to my family and I shall never be able to repay what he did me or maybe many of us.

Just because of some incompetent, politicized and biased bunch of stupid and brainless will drag me to in that shady dig and has all right to kill anyone of us one by one. And believe me they can charge you for anything / everything they want to, they’ll beat like an insane dog that has lost its senses. This whole fake picture of bringing peace in my city by this gang of terrorists in uniform (Karachi Rangers) is a very reason of agitated mood is definitely riding the crazy train on never-ending track.

My message to this inhumane behavior is this torture or vigor will never break any of MQM Workers, they are persistent and that also reveals that Altaf Hussain is a nightmare for the ones who think they can suppress its worker/voters/supporters. I may never forget the humiliation I suffered in front of my kids, my guests in house and the neighborhood, but to tell you the truth I am proud what I am.

You call yourselves the custodian, than why do you hide your faces behind masks, what you guys are afraid of? What wrong are you doing that you need to hide yourselves? We are not born with the names of Langra, Commando, etc. you have given these names to us just to hide behind us. We are not ashamed of anything because we are on the right track; it’s you, who are fooling the media, people and rest of the Pakistan. Such things do not break MQM Workers/Supporters, but unite us with more consistent manner.

ستون در پہ رکھتے چلو سروں کے چراغ

جہاں تلک یہ ظلم کی سیاہ رات چلے

ہمیں تو خواہش ع در رشد نے پالا ہے
جو نہ گھبرائے موت سے وہ ہمارے ساتھ چلے

I wish you all safe and Free Karachi.

(A true story by someone who wants to remain anonymous, but want the world to know the TRUE Responsibles who do not want peace in Karachi.)

Shariqa Ahmed
Twitter: @Shariqa_Ahmed

Monday, January 19, 2015

Martial Law - A vital necessity

After 16/12/14 schools reopens on 12/01/15. Gen Raheel Shareef is present to welcome the brave students who survived as warriors. He encourages those students and motivates the parents to rejoin the school which happened to be their friends’ last resting place.

COAS Raheel Shareef who broke the silence of two democratic governments, he declared war against terrorists in term of Zarb-e-Azab. Right after Peshawar Massacre Mr. Shareef visits Leaders of Afghanistan and warns them with strict notes that there shall be no compromise against terrorism. He also demands to put a dot on hiding terrorists and hand over them who are in custody of the Afghan Government.

Mr. Raheel Shareef unites the divided & scam political leadership of Pakistan on national issue. Resulting in formations of Army Courts which will punish the culprits without prejudice. Mr. Shareef is the one who persuaded USA to declare Mulla Fazalullah as the International Terrorist and to seize every financial aid which helps him or his allies to craft fright.  His emphasis to recent visits to UK is on Baluchistan & Waziristan, especially those who are providing funds and have squashy attitude towards such elements who create uncertainty in these areas must be questioned or may they be handed over to Pakistani Authorities.

My question is that if every step has to be taken by Chief of Army Staff what is the exercise of Democratic Government then? From my perspective, COAS is operating the country, the why he was honored in UK is a big stroke on democratic leadership. Mr. Raheel Shareef has turned out to a public leader, is watching closely to foreign, security policy or even if its international relations with rest of the world. Politicians have to own this that they weaken the political & financial structure; scandal, disgrace, shame, humiliation is what then they will face.

If Pakistan will ever prosper it will only happen from district levels, common man is far away from his fundamental necessities.  Criminal negligence of PPP & PMLN has dragged Pakistan to this level, PPP has ruined Sind, and PMLN has busted district governments in Punjab. The King & his Kingdom culture are basically imposed on us so that they can run their businesses & benefit from the funds which were meant to be delivered on district levels.

Pakistan Army is the center of gravity of Pakistani nation. People trust Army rather trusting the (s)elected Parliamentarians. Apart from their basic duties to guard borders they are always on grounds whether it’s Flood, Earthquake, Drought, etc. We have experience that democratic political leaderships have never brought development and peace in the country. Pakistan has always flourished in Martial Law or Army Command.

Concluding on that if Chief of Army Staff is the key to safety of the people, responsible in eradication of terrorists & terrorism then Martial Law should be imposed. 

Shariqa Ahmed
Twitter @Shariqa_Ahmed