Monday, January 19, 2015

Martial Law - A vital necessity

After 16/12/14 schools reopens on 12/01/15. Gen Raheel Shareef is present to welcome the brave students who survived as warriors. He encourages those students and motivates the parents to rejoin the school which happened to be their friends’ last resting place.

COAS Raheel Shareef who broke the silence of two democratic governments, he declared war against terrorists in term of Zarb-e-Azab. Right after Peshawar Massacre Mr. Shareef visits Leaders of Afghanistan and warns them with strict notes that there shall be no compromise against terrorism. He also demands to put a dot on hiding terrorists and hand over them who are in custody of the Afghan Government.

Mr. Raheel Shareef unites the divided & scam political leadership of Pakistan on national issue. Resulting in formations of Army Courts which will punish the culprits without prejudice. Mr. Shareef is the one who persuaded USA to declare Mulla Fazalullah as the International Terrorist and to seize every financial aid which helps him or his allies to craft fright.  His emphasis to recent visits to UK is on Baluchistan & Waziristan, especially those who are providing funds and have squashy attitude towards such elements who create uncertainty in these areas must be questioned or may they be handed over to Pakistani Authorities.

My question is that if every step has to be taken by Chief of Army Staff what is the exercise of Democratic Government then? From my perspective, COAS is operating the country, the why he was honored in UK is a big stroke on democratic leadership. Mr. Raheel Shareef has turned out to a public leader, is watching closely to foreign, security policy or even if its international relations with rest of the world. Politicians have to own this that they weaken the political & financial structure; scandal, disgrace, shame, humiliation is what then they will face.

If Pakistan will ever prosper it will only happen from district levels, common man is far away from his fundamental necessities.  Criminal negligence of PPP & PMLN has dragged Pakistan to this level, PPP has ruined Sind, and PMLN has busted district governments in Punjab. The King & his Kingdom culture are basically imposed on us so that they can run their businesses & benefit from the funds which were meant to be delivered on district levels.

Pakistan Army is the center of gravity of Pakistani nation. People trust Army rather trusting the (s)elected Parliamentarians. Apart from their basic duties to guard borders they are always on grounds whether it’s Flood, Earthquake, Drought, etc. We have experience that democratic political leaderships have never brought development and peace in the country. Pakistan has always flourished in Martial Law or Army Command.

Concluding on that if Chief of Army Staff is the key to safety of the people, responsible in eradication of terrorists & terrorism then Martial Law should be imposed. 

Shariqa Ahmed
Twitter @Shariqa_Ahmed