Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rehnuma – Srif Altaf Hussain

I was been asked by a neutral friend on Facebook +Rumla Ali that why do we religiously follow Altaf Hussain Bhai?

Infact Dear being Muslims we religiously follow only Allah, Quran and teaching of Muhammad Mustafa (SAW).

After that we do follow QET ALTAF BHAI cos he loves his workers as his children, and believe me – if u ever get a chance to meet him personally, I bet u will die to meet him again, that’s the spark in his eyes and the attraction in his personality, and we love our Quaid not because he is the founder but because of the respect and affection he gave to us. ‪#‎MQM‬ is a family and my Quaid is the father – A Father is a Son’s First Hero and a Daughter’s First Love (with all respect and grace).

QET gave us ideology of REALISM & PRACTICAL-ISM, which effects, involve in our whole life, if we made our principles of life on REALISM & PRACTICAL-ISM we definitely succeed in our life. QET has just not given this ideology, he implemented this on tehreek. Gave a chance to participate in parliament, people belonging from middle class who represents the 98% category people of Pakistan. If people of Pakistan give a chance to MQM to govern Pakistan, we will change country as we proved in Karachi through SMK and not only in Pakistan, international authorities endorsed that this turn over was the best in Pakistan.
I am honoured to tell you that we are passionate admirers of QET Altaf Hussain. He has the power to communicate vision, provide direction, teach, and inspire people to work together towards a common goal. We believe in his authenticity, honesty, the power of intimacy and the power of admitting failure. I lost my father when I was 20, my Father was a very good friend of Azeem Ahmed Tariq Sir, used to attend every jalsa, meetings and gatherings as have personally experienced my father’s determination. Still don’t forget the way my Quaid used to ask jalsa of million of ppl to keep silent and literally it used to, it’s our sorrow that My Qauid is not here with us, but His teachings n His affection for us will alwys shine on us. Ameen.

QET ALTAF BHAI’s teaching are the true picture of the whole Islamic Ideology. Alhamdolliah as being born in Muslim Family – it’s in our blood and soul that (There is) none worthy of worship except ALLAH. Muhammad is Messenger of ALLAH.

Just like that one cannot emphasize too much the distinction between Islam as we are the sons and daughters of the descendents who migrated just for the sake of true Islamic Republic of Pakistan, (which is still yet to be found) leaving behind the past and the roots from where they belong, lost their loved ones during this migration as my Father himself lost his only Sister. As QET Altaf Bhai assign our nation name MOHAJIR, same as the follower of Muhammad (SAW) same like that we wore the teachings of him as a true picture of Islamic teachings. We based and believed that we are the real and best followers of Holy Prophet (SAW) to be as MOHAJIR, that’s why baatil quwaat always tried to destroy us, but failed, because Allah & Muhammad (SAW) are our supporter and guardian, and inshaAllah we will won, as we are on right.

As a Woman I truly believe on loving, available, predictable QET Altaf Hussain is to be counted on, gives his best paternal intentions, even if his efforts occasionally fall short. I believe that depending
on what our QET Altaf Hussain has taught us at odd moments, we will form a true Islamic Republic with little scraps of wisdom, honesty and the courage to serve best from available resources.

Shariqa Ahmed (@shariqa_ahmed)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Attrite Political System

From the last 2 decades Pakistan is being ruled by some numbers of personnel; it would be fair enough to say that few political families are playing 5 years cricket match for credulity of ruling people. And maybe realized in perspective that politics of Pakistan is around so called persons who decide the future of 1.8+ million lives, they appreciate the financial and social benefits which they are no authorized of. Unfortunately the basic role of communal and political workers is missing.

It’s very true to state that “Jageerdaar and Wadairaas” have taken over the politics of Pakistan, and these fundamentals along with false adverts are being obtruded upon the people of Pakistan. There is no proper political training of political worker; hence we are unable to produce genuine front-runners. Today’s political workers do not even know the relation of a leader and destination. They don’t even realize the potential of the vision and goal of a party which have not even given birth to political heredity but have strengthened it; just because the political ruling process stays in the family. And on the other hand the humiliation, insecurity, sacrifice and disparity what a political worker gets. These bare-bones and corrupt individuals with the benefices of this political system fool the common people with religious and social problems, so that a common man or the political worker could not stand up against them. On the other when it comes to the benefits of these feuds, they mob up against the odds despite numerous metamorphoses.

None of any is allowed to disagree with these elements or share their points; one is not allowed to go against the ‘one man show’, hence it is politics within a political system. This mindset has not only taken over the representatives and workers but by 18th Amendment & Article – 63(a) has hijacked the whole parliament. None of any elected member decides within his own conscience but for decision making he has to follow the party policies whether it suits the situation or not. Once elected and in parliament they demoralize the workers, in name of Roti, Kapra, Makan, unreachable education, and impose burden of taxes. Either there is no proper vision of democracy towards political workers, or there is no proper awareness of politics, but follows the Individual blindly.

Gaining votes in elections and achievement of seats in Parliament is not the democracy, political party comes with the socio-problems which their followers unite on, and there they try to resolve issues within limitation or if so needed the voice which has been passed to the parliament through their elected members. Unfortunately political parties in Pakistan have designed the politics of senseless followers, rude slogans & meaningless policies. Followers like to get acknowledged just to seek personal favors or to use their platform for their challengers.

Whenever an individual seam-up with a political party he/she expects warm welcome, but in case he/she must understand the vision and aim of it, must adopt the system which they follow, must realize the teachings and must train themselves within the values and standards. These morals reflect the appearance of political party. They must not seek popularity but productivity. Educated people must join political process; at least they can read and write the laws rather just pasting their thumbs.

As James Freeman Clarke says “A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation.”

This simple sentence bifurcates the political system in Pakistan.  In Pakistan we don’t produce leaders regrettably inherited politicians. It’s so unfortunate that these politicians don’t give social, economic or ethical interest for the furtherance of Pakistan.
Educated and trained elements like doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers and others are the extreme requirement to be promoted in political process. To protect the future of Pakistan and upcoming generations, the ultimate requirement is to harvest productive positive minds. We must give space to these intellectuals, must give fair chance to serve Pakistan. We have to coup out this uncertainty that our beloved country is facing these days. Instead of sitting behind; the “Aam Admi” has to stand up, this silent majority is the extreme power which can change the future of up-coming generations. When we will get our target achieve we will set a new history for all bashers who are today bashing us. Yes, I believe they will praise us tomorrow. Insha'ALLAH. Pakistan Zindabad.

Shariqa Ahmed
Twitter: shariqa_ahmed

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Life has never promised you anything…


People do…

Some say that they’ll never leave you …Lie

Some say that they’ll never love you till death …Lie

Some say that you are the most precious one…Lie

Some say that they’ll never let you cry…Lie

Life is made up of such sweet lies…

We may ask, wouldn’t life be better without these lies?

But the truth is…

the time you live on those big lies were the only times you actually LIVED…

Monday, January 13, 2014

Jaa Zindagi Madinay Se Jhoonkay Hawaa K Laa

Jaa Zindagi Madinay Se Jhoonkay Hawaa K Laa,

Shayad 'HUZOOR' Hum Se Khafa Hean, Manaa K Laa.

Kuch Hum Bhi Apna Chehra-e-Baatin Sanwaar Lean,

Ja 'BU BAKAR' Se Aaina Ishq-o-Wafaa Ka Laa.

Duniya Bohat Hi Tang Musalman Pe Hogai,

'UMAR' K Zamanay Ka Naqsha Utha K Laa.

Mehroom Kar Diya Humean Jin Se Nigah Ne,

'USMAN' Se Wo Falsafa Sharm-o-Hayaa Ka Laa.

Maghrib Mae Maara Maara Na Phir Aey Gadaa-e-Ilm,

'ALI' Se Mang K Ye Khairaat Ilm Laa.

Baatil Se Dabb Rahi Hy Phir Ummat 'RASOOL' Ki,

Manzar 'HUSSAIN-iyaat' Se Kuch Karbala Ka Laa.

Shariqa Ahmed
Twitter: @shariqa_ahmed

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Little Life Remaining

A new heart beat came up, and got to know that we are still alive, with some tenacity the moment is here in this flash!

With all happenings the issue of breaking Pakistan into new provinces & the ones who served as Soldiers are forced to be proven as traitors.

It is concluded by an unbiased opinion and above of self-interests; truly believed that Pakistan has developed with no uniformity. Facilities are not equally provided to all region of the country. Many of our potential is wasted, and the language of color, breed, urban & rural is still strong and we have not been able to go beyond sindhi, balouchi, punjabi, pakhtoon or mohajir nationalism.

With formation of new Provinces; benefits can be achieved and can be in best interest of Pakistan. More Provinces means more cities, more development and reduction of overload population in mega cities.

More Provinces will bring healthy competition, more employment changes, empowerment of people and above all right to choose their destiny.
Evenly distribution of resources but will definitely bring young blood with new world to explore.

It may give rise to Pakistaniyaat but will give chance to groom the forgotten languages.

Politicians will be more serious for the development of their people & once they won’t have BIG BROTHER to blame, genuinity will be exposed.

Every input which comes with the sole interest of betterment of Pakistan will be appreciated.

Kalabagh Dam being a critical issue is not yet resolve due to Sindhi-Punjabi politics, once new provinces are produced many of the issues will be resolved amicably as Indus River will not be under “TAKHT-E-LAHORE” only.

Geographically Pakistan will become stronger, lost languages will get chance to flourish, more railway links, bus junctions & exploration will embellish.

So there is no impairment of producing new provinces, opening new gateways & new horizons. There is no harm of taking chances, nations expands and production of new provinces will bring strong rivalry.

Shariqa Ahmed @shariqa_ahmed

Friday, January 3, 2014

Take some chances..
Tell the truth..
Learn to say NO gently & sometimes firmly..
Spend your money on the things u love..
Get to know someone random. Feel true love..
Tell an idiot how he/she hurts u..
Scold someone who deserves it..
Sit alone, watch the rain & cry if u want to..
Laugh till your stomach pains. Dance even if your bad at it..
Pose stupidly for pictures..
Give someone a hug when they need it,
& make sure you get many too!
Be naughty like a child!
Live, Love, Laugh!
And keep smiling because,
You Live,
Always yours,
Shariqa. @shariqa_ahmed