Friday, June 10, 2016

38 Struggling Years Of APMSO

In Pakistani Politics, it has been seen in that Political Parties are formed and Students Wings are given birth later. Pakistan's new generation probably does not know that the MQM is the Pakistan's only political party, which has been produced by a student organisation. Such as there is no other example found in Pakistan. The only political strength which represents the educated and hardworking youth from poor and middle class families which has no feudal background or any backing from the establishment as we have seen in various occasions. APMSO was founded by Mr. Altaf Hussain and his close associates. In his academic years, Mr. Hussain felt that some intense injustices are been exercised with the Urdu Speaking Community in every walk of life. When he steeped in Karachi University he realised that there are numerous Student Organisations of various communities formed on ethnic basis, but there was no such group who represents the Urdu Speaking Community; the largest majority exists in in Karachi. Mr. Hussain also felt that Mohajirs (Urdu Speaking Community) are not only abused in other spheres of life but, also being abused in the field of education with Mohajir Students.

Because of the Quota System, Urdu Speaking graduates were neglected in jobs. In the year 1979, Mr. Hussain replied with proved to objections raise by his opponents with newspaper clipping on occasion of Union Election in which it was clearly stated that graduates from Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur are excused not to bother for the said jobs ads at that time. He also showed a form in which the applicant was asked the name of his father and grandfather's name, but also their birthplaces. There was also a problem in grant of Universities of urban areas of Sindh. Grant for Karachi University was less than other universities in Pakistan. Not only was that, hostel facilities in comparison to other students from Rural Sindh were better from students of Karachi. Islamic religious students and leftist organisation used to form alliance in Student Union Elections, and there was no platform for Urdu Speaking Students. There was representation of regional Student Organisations of other provinces of Pakistan but no voice to raise issues related to Urdu Speaking Students in Karachi University. There were fewer seats in educational institution in Karachi for the entitled students from their own city as they were totally ignored, while students were admitted without merit from rural areas. When Mr. Hussain enrolled in Karachi University, he fondled the excessive cruelty faced by Urdu Speaking Students. He also found that there were various regional organisations, but no union for Urdu Speaking Students which led him to think for forming own stage for the same. Finally, on June 11, 1978 APMSO was formed by Mr. Altaf Hussain.

APMSO emerged as the most popular Student Organisation of Karachi University, which became threat to Jamiat Students and on June June 3, 1981 goons from Jamiat through force and violence evicted Mr. Hussain and his peers from Karachi University. This eviction benefited in every way to APMSO and this student organisation appeared as the only popular and strong political force for Urdu Speaking Community later named as Mohajir Quami Movement. Like the Jamiat felt threatened by APMSO, similarly the establishment considers MQM as threat, as its only MQM who has challenged the ‘Status Quo’ of this country’s political system.  MQM has sent educated youth from poor and middle class to the assemblies of capitalists and landowners. These educated people from poor and middle class families are aware of the problems of a common man and are determine solve it in best possible way. That is why establishment understands MQM as a threat and they are very sure if MQM message is spread throughout the country that would be the last nail in coffin for the traditional landowners, capitalists and generals. Just like MQM has bagged the goals of Islamic and other religious political goals in the city. Therefore the establishment understands MQM is a threat and is trying to discredit the party and they are on state operation against MQM to engage them in false cases and so their message can never spread to the common man all over Pakistan. It’s such a mistake that they would finish MQM with such actions; MQM has the power of its workers and its voters. Karachi's electorate is well informed and aware of the false propaganda of the establishment. People of Karachi are well aware that MQM is the only political force who understands their problems.

Today on its 38th birthday APMSO has become rock as tree trunk just because of the trust people has on it. Yet the roots are so strong that states repeatedly operation cannot end MQM and is coming forward as strong organisation as ever before. The message is spreading recklessly in every street in the country and we hope that this movement truly brings change in the country. Thus the result of unimaginable struggle, MQM has already got rid of corrupt political system and focused on merit, and displayed a way to get rid of such system and showed a way to have privileged sun to rule the poor and oppressed class in the country.

(translation from Urdu Blog written by @faisalmahmood99)