Thursday, February 25, 2016

Social Media – Monster Controlling Minds

Being a Mommy is the most incredible thing that happens to any woman. Giving birth to a child completes Womanhood. Every Mom wants the best for her children in their lives. Bringing up this blessing of life supports and motivates the Woman to go on, in the corner of the heart Mom knows what her children are and she knows that they will make their way.

Apart from academic responsibilities Children while growing up develop lot of interests like playing cricket, hanging out with friends and must not forget computers.  They find computers more credible and compassionate. They serve their quality time on computer either studying or playing games. Children find computers as their comfort zone and they create their own fantasy world around it. They even accumulate their savings to upgrade it.

Social Media, Online Games and many other Social Networking sites attract children and introduce unknown users of similar interests. They often find new friends without knowing who is behind the screen tricking them. Although Social Media is an incredible medium for interacting around the world within seconds, but it does have some horrific negative aspect too. They are always online communicating with friends sharing news, photos, videos in fingertips which make them feel wanted and socialized.  

As a parent specially of teenagers who are experiencing the world their way, have to make sure their children do not spend too much time on engaging internet activity and they must keep a close eye on their happenings, just to make sure their communication and interaction with friends is ‘open’, most importantly parents has to be vigilant just to keep their children safe. Teenagers mostly get impressed by exciting stories and glamorous lifestyle, which is sometimes alarming which led to personality disorder in their upbringing.

Influence of Social Media has played a significant role in our society. It has become a necessary part of our lives and symbol of social status as well. Behavior of children is affected; social media sometimes becomes a pied piper for children. The desktop on study table or a smart phone has replaced the role of parents & overtaken children’s mind. They direct what to do and what not to do which is such an amazing metaphor which controls one’s life and parents are unaware of it. Literately it’s a devil which is along with their children 24/7. Cell phones and excessive use of internet constantly exert its power in every way it can, on the other hand parents are compassionate who trust their children. So no matter how much they care or want to make them safe, the love they give their children and the independence they offer them as a child is total in their hands.

Social Media has become an instructor in our children’s life, teachers refers them to research and do their work by the help of internet, friends suggests they can find updates of their interests like music, movies etc. Surprisingly, as parents us ourselves allows our children to be groomed by this Monster.

Being a teenager is an incredible confusing world, pierce becomes very very important and it doesn’t matter how close you are to a parent and how great your parents are, as you start becoming more independent you look to others either of your age or a little bit older to direct you in your journey.

As a family quality time with own children, communication and elucidation about their interests is what Parents must practice. Love and affection can replace every gadget. It’s round the clock job of Parents to a friend of their children and guides them in every step of life.