Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Little Life Remaining

A new heart beat came up, and got to know that we are still alive, with some tenacity the moment is here in this flash!

With all happenings the issue of breaking Pakistan into new provinces & the ones who served as Soldiers are forced to be proven as traitors.

It is concluded by an unbiased opinion and above of self-interests; truly believed that Pakistan has developed with no uniformity. Facilities are not equally provided to all region of the country. Many of our potential is wasted, and the language of color, breed, urban & rural is still strong and we have not been able to go beyond sindhi, balouchi, punjabi, pakhtoon or mohajir nationalism.

With formation of new Provinces; benefits can be achieved and can be in best interest of Pakistan. More Provinces means more cities, more development and reduction of overload population in mega cities.

More Provinces will bring healthy competition, more employment changes, empowerment of people and above all right to choose their destiny.
Evenly distribution of resources but will definitely bring young blood with new world to explore.

It may give rise to Pakistaniyaat but will give chance to groom the forgotten languages.

Politicians will be more serious for the development of their people & once they won’t have BIG BROTHER to blame, genuinity will be exposed.

Every input which comes with the sole interest of betterment of Pakistan will be appreciated.

Kalabagh Dam being a critical issue is not yet resolve due to Sindhi-Punjabi politics, once new provinces are produced many of the issues will be resolved amicably as Indus River will not be under “TAKHT-E-LAHORE” only.

Geographically Pakistan will become stronger, lost languages will get chance to flourish, more railway links, bus junctions & exploration will embellish.

So there is no impairment of producing new provinces, opening new gateways & new horizons. There is no harm of taking chances, nations expands and production of new provinces will bring strong rivalry.

Shariqa Ahmed @shariqa_ahmed

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