Thursday, July 2, 2015

Incredible Karachi

Karachi the most talked subject on media and negatively presented city of Pakistan, luckily the only city of Pakistan who has survived in every situation. People talk that Lahore is meant to be ‘Zinda Dil Waloan Ka’ but its only Karachi who has proved to be the Open Hearted City for entire Pakistan. Karachi is not biggest city of Pakistan but in my view Karachi is Pakistan, if Karachi sprints so does Pakistan.

Karachi is resilient city; despite of political, social & environmental changes people of Karachi are alive & very much optimistic towards their city. City of 2.5 million people means 12% of Pakistanis live in Karachi only. Best Universities / Colleges are blessed by this city, we have the best brains are refined here of entire Pakistan.

Even though the law & order situation this city faces, the property value of Karachi increases day by day. Although many of young guns chose to leave Karachi for safety & better living, but they return their earnings & invest in Karachi because such hazards have still not damage the economy of Karachi. People here are very confident regardless of anything this city will always remain the reason of prosperity of Pakistan. Being from Karachi, must represent & show the bright side of our city. There is so much that this city is doing & must give a shut up call to whoever give a picture of negativity of this city.

Almost 0.6 million people from Pakistan comes to Karachi, why? If the law & order situation is so dreadful then why such numbers migrate to Karachi? That’s the proud moment when I like to describe that Karachi plays a motherly role in Pakistan economy, it saves, protects & bring up the populace of whole Pakistan. People from all over Pakistan comes to Karachi for employment, question is why do they come here? For the past years we haven’t seen any new Universities, Hospitals, and Industries etc. Failure of other provincial Governments including Sindh proves that people choose Karachi for betterment in their lives. Karachi offers them employment, security & improved source of revenue.

It’s sad to say that almost 60% population returns back to their local places when usual holidays are declared. Remaining those 40% citizens who are basically from this city has to bear the damages which are left behind by non locals. Damages done on infra structure especially on roads are caused by the trawlers, huge trucks which have no local numbers plates and are not from Karachi. Such heavy vehicles do pay tax from they came from but ruins the roads here.

I personally blame the irresponsible behavior of News Media, just for point scoring they emphasize on negative news from this city. Such badness is found in every mega city all across the world, but no one shout out loud their own weaknesses as our news media does. Surprisingly, we see the rising drama, film & fashion industry in Karachi only. Karachi has become the core of private films since the last 5 years.

Huge number of donations & aid are collected from this city for the victims of any incident. Affected citizens from natural disaster either flood, droughts, earthquakes or from terrorism await support from Karachi; because they trust Karachi will send the aid in their critical time. Despite instability of law & order condition; open dinning for the needy in various parts of the city from 2 to 3 times a day is witnessed. This city is never shortened by ambulances, doctors & staff if any disaster occurs. People grieve over situations but international exhibitions, festivals, conferences; ceremonies do take place on their due dates.

Regardless of 60/40 % of quota system, Karachi is not receiving its due share. It’s not irrelevant to say that development / maintenance comes under Provincial Government, but we don’t see any genuineness & sincerity towards the betterment of this city. The only thing people like to do is to blame one another, in fact if they use such abilities for the improvement of our city, Karachi will be another international hub for South Asia.

Even with target killing, extortion, ongoing operation etc etc there is life full of color exists somewhere inside every Karachiet. People of Karachi aren’t afraid of any chaotic situation, they stand unite and fight such state of affairs with bravery. Karachi is our home; we have kept it alive and with hearts, will keep lights on top of the world.

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