Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Second Gender

There was a time when women were solely responsible for household chores in the Pakistani society. That was treated as the only field for their activity. As advancing towards modernization, the mental status of our society for a woman is still traditional. Society doesn’t accept the existence or the independence of a woman even in educated families as well. Since birth or before she is born; a HIDDEN mental pressure is there on the family & if not it is coerced by the people in society.

An infant’s mother is in mental stress& pressure is built by people around. Sex selected abortion have become practice, mal/under nourishment by upholding nutritious food do lead to miscarriages. There are various unreported cases of losing pregnancy due to domestic abuse. Unfortunately women are blamed for gender births.
In childhood; girls are not encouraged for proper schooling as it’s thought that instead of spending money on her education they are trained as household helpers; as they ultimately have face the same fate as their mothers. Sexual abuse/molestation is the term from which young girls are not aware of; and at end they can’t differentiate, whether they are being molested or not. The most disturbing thing in our society is child prostitution, coming from uneducated families young girls are either been sold out by the parents or forced for sexual misuse.
Teenage is the most sensitive age in a girl’s life. As always there are number(s) of unreported cases of rape/forced sex by family members, teachers, coaches, molwis. There are no proper laws practiced in such crimes like forced marriages to older men for money, watta satta, vanni, sawara, teenage trafficking & sexual prostitution.
A woman can face numerous domestic& un-domestic problems. Violence by in-laws, economic abuse includes ruined credit, gambling; isolation, permanent or temporary abandonment, extreme exploitation, withholding adequate food, clothing, daily necessities, force into criminal activity, etc. As on other hand mental & physical harassment she faces if she works, character assassination, exploitation by coworkers, victim blaming, stalking & cyber stalking leads to mental stress. In many cases we also have experience forced suicides, murders by in laws & honor killings. Yet again with a moan no such cases are reported.
It is expected that being elder a woman maybe at ease, regrettably she faces mistreatment and abuse at home, cruelty in daily necessities. An unusual case reported that a man was accused of raping 48 dead bodies of women; like it is said “scared of life… they feel like embracing death, what if the troubles of life follow them in death too?”
Still searching when we will start behaving like human being, when will we start respecting each other?

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