Thursday, April 3, 2014

Silence! Extra Judicial Killings Are In Process

Its shame on the ruling Government when talented youth is been disgraced and humiliated by the Law & there’s no-one to own them or upkeep. Karachi is gifted by the most educated & artistic youth, but when this generation is humiliated, the whole society is responsible of it. Time, the rulers and the people on whole are answerable if is a single dream is undecided.

MQM Malir Sector Committee Member Anis-Ur-Rehman was picked up by Rangers from home on new years’ eve. He was arrested charged with 8 crimes act including 302/34, 13D, 13E etc. Anis-Ur Rehman has served as joint incharge & he has been a very hard working peoples’ man. The neighborhood have witnessed that he have been a humble & helpful person. He is considered smart, someone who knows how to put things together and come up with a solution.

Belonging to a middle class family with ailing mother, wife & a daughter; were left alone behind. It was difficult but a mothers’ love is supreme than everything, with her illness she used to visit him daily in Karachi Central Jail. For us it’s easy to write in words but whatever this family was going through can only be knowledgeable by them and no one else.

The dilemma is that Anis Bhai mother passed away on April 3, 2014 waiting for her son to be back home (Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Elayhi Raji'un). He seek permission to attend memorial on parole, unfortunately He was not allowed to attend funeral of his own Mother. Does any human being can do this? Are we humans? Which law does not allow a son to attend his mothers’ funeral? It’s a shame on entire society, a tragedy, but who to be held accountable for this? The dead body was taken to Karachi Central Jail so the only son could have the ‘Akhri Deedar’ of his mother & wish forgiveness from her.

The questions may not describe the feelings but the answers are obvious, he must be imagining her being with him all the time, now he was left alone. The memories are alive and hallucinating him almost every minute. He must be longing to be hold by dearly departed mother and would have told her that how much he had loved her. He must have not stand the thought that she has gone and would love nothing more but to be with her, her memories must be haunting him every second. It must be hard for him to accept the fact that His Mother has gone FOREVER.

MQM Youth is here not for benefit of oneself but for the future of Pakistan. Someone who does not feel the same, is alone; the situation that they end up living life & they must ‘get back to the start’.

Shariqa Ahmed

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  1. I personally know him.He is really a nice person

  2. @Faisal mahmood bhai if u know him and all details then why u didnt write about this mishap