Monday, May 19, 2014

The Walking Dead


 It is said that winning & losing is part of life, but there should be no lost is acceptable in character & no winning on arrogance. Its universal truth that the society which loses its ethics, moral & social responsibilities become dead by itself. The citizens are demoralized; they don’t care whether its dictatorship or democracy, they want justice. We live in a society where glass for drinking water are chained, in Masjid people are more concerned for their shoes instead of Sajda, where mothers kill their children, where cannibals dug graves & eat corpses, graveyard caretaker is addicted of necrophilia, where politicians play dirty games over bodies of poor, where correspondents becomes spy; no messenger is going to come & change this nation until they want to change themselves within.

 Question is who was supposed to guide us? We live in a society where sins are justified and value is associated with madness, the concept of halal & haram is old episode so why would Allah Almighty bless such state? Building a personality or building character of a human is firstly depended on parents, secondly the responsibility of teachers / guiders, thirdly it is the state’s job.

 Just a slap from parents over a mistake can clear the concept of right & wrong, but unfortunately parents support the wrong doings & hence there is punishment. The fear of doing wrong deeds is encouraged and by the time it strengthens in character building.

 Teachers the most undesirable profession in our country; are not respected the way they should be. There’s a concept that if one cannot do anything – can teach! Teaching is not adopted as a profession but just a necessity; those who get C or D grades try to educate children where they don’t even know what they are supposed to impart. On the other hand qualified teachers are neither respected nor paid well. Sometime the inappropriate behavior of students also effects the determination of the educators.

 On whole it’s a huge responsibility of the government on charisma structure of an individual. Breaking traffic signals, destroying public property & destroying ethics of good humans is a daily practice. Inflation has already made the life of a poor miserable. Unfortunately, to meet the daily necessities, one adopts the wrong way, either he will beg for mercy & he will be a burden on the society or he will turn out to be a criminal. Unfortunately, law enforcers ask for bribe from such criminals and demand for their share. Stealing taxes for luxuries of Government personals has produced a huge discrimination between Government & People. People curse democracy, because their voice is neither listened nor served. Young people who are considered the future of any nation are dying everyday. If count of deaths is within 8-10; it is considered that law & order situation is better today.

 When it comes to religious training, Allah Almighty has not directed that there should be long beard & shalwar to be over ankles will escape the Armageddon. Alhmadolliah that we are born in Muslim families, but have we ever thought that either we believe in what we were guided to believe? In fact we do evil and then we seek justification over that. We have stopped differentiating between right & wrong. Our religion has taught us to be human first, but we didn’t even start to that journey. Truth is if see a man lying or hurt on a street, people just ignore and leave as humanity within us is dead or they might do not want to get themselves into trouble. The quote that “JIs ne Aik Insan ki jan bachai os ne goya pori INSANYAT ko bachaya” doesn’t exists anymore.
Shariqa Ahmed


  1. A nation's progress is directly proportional to their progress in education.
    Nelson Mandela : "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".
    Pakistani leaders ( rather rulers ) committed the cardinal sin of not investing in education.
    We have missed the bus !