Friday, November 7, 2014

ISIS the beginning of World War III

World Wars have changed world's demography and when its agenda is global agenda then we have global problems & need global solutions to resolve it. World was a completely different place after World War I & II. An idea of World War III is suppose to transform the entire world into a global government, Global army & global authority uttering to the global population.
Creating a massive divide & rule conflict between Muslims World is projected agenda which is been formed towards a new global world.  Muslim world is brought into a war with the Shia Sunni conflict and this would be the whirlpool that will draw the entire world like, USA and NATO.

The ISIS group suddenly appeared with incredibly supported, armed & funded has almost taken Iraq and Syria really fast. ISIS representing themselves as Sunni Muslims which has done a lot of damage to current regime in Iraq, and just across the border Iran which symbolizes 89% of Shia Muslims and is the center for Shia Muslims.

For the last year we can see unusual change of course by US towards Iran. US strong diplomatic relations and alley with Israel for all these years’ makes people think where the world is heading? From questioning Iranian Nuclear facilities & economic sanctions on Iran, it looks like US is now trying to have talks with Iran about how they are going to deal with ISIS situation? Seems like they will drag Iran into this Shia Sunni conflict and once Iran is brought into that vortex, the face of Middle East will be entirely different.

ISIS is extreme and its words are itself ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’ describing their objective and that is to take over Iraq & Syria ultimately Levant. What is seen that USA, European Union & UN are back foot and letting ISIS take hold on this region, and at some point if it will start to threat Israel then USA & NATO will interfere to protect Israel. With less than 8 million populations Israel has highly equipped army & her nuclear arsenal is capable of taking Middle East all alone despite any other interference.

In my view, the conception & ambition of ISIS is to create a vortex to drag the entire world into mutual self destruction World War III which will result in a global factious society.

As Muslims we believe in One Allah, His Last Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (SAWA) and One Quran, so there is no need to divide ourselves in any sectarian inconsistency. All we need is to unite ourselves as Muslims so that we can deliver ourselves as good global citizens as our last Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (SAWW) taught.

(My Views On Predictions By David Icke)

Shariqa Ahmed
Twitter @Shariqa_Ahmed

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