Thursday, October 23, 2014

Edhi - Being Human

In April 1988, my mother’s uncle died due to kidney failure leaving a fortune behind. He was unmarried and his legal heirs were in Pune, India. It was difficult enough to calculate his remains and pass it to the legal heirs. Someone suggested contacting Abdul Sattar Edhi, who helps humanity of any color, any class & creed.  At that time Edhi foundation was the only non-commercial & non-political social welfare providers across the country.

The left out emoluments were calculated religiously & decided that the legal beneficiaries are those who are living in Pune, India. Help was asked by Abdul Sattar Edhi Sahab himself visited my grandmother’s place. I wish I could collect words to describe his personality, the most humble person we’ve ever met. If there are angles send by Allah Almighty, Abdul Sattar Edhi is no doubt one of them. Proper legal arrangements were acknowledged for the payment to the entitled family. Since that day my maternal family in Pakistan & abroad donates to Abdul Sattar Edhi Foundation.
I personally got a chance to meet Bilquees Edhi in Apna Ghar of Sohrab Goth, where I saw how organized & systemized this welfare was handled by them. There were huge numbers of orphan children, socially disowned women/girls & mentally handicapped which were taken care as family members.

During Europe Tour of Sattar Edhi Sahab, in Benazir Bhutto era, Edhi Foundation was looked after by his son Faisal Edhi. Stories about missing young girls, removal of body organs from mentally challanged & selling of young orphan children within the premises where heard while Faisal Edhi was looking after the foundation. News was, that some politically influenced people planted some of their moles as volunteers and tried to fetch bad reputation to Foundation. 

Like many other organizations in Pakistan, Edhi Foundation is not free from controversies.

For my personal matters, in later life I met Abdus Salam Balouch, a renowned Barrister of Karachi. I came to know that he was quitting his law practice as he has been offered position of Audit General of Edhi Foundation. He was waiting for available appointment from the than Prime Minsiter Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani. He reveal that the than Government is looking forward to take over Edhi Foundation & might change into social supporting welfare foundation like BISP. But there was something else written in fate, the than Prime Minister was disqualified and replaced by Raja Pervaiz Ashraf. Advocate Balouch also revealed that Edhi Sahab has cold relations with his son Faisal Edhi, who is insisting on to take over Foundation in 

Pakistan and wanted Edhi Sahab to limit him on international level. This was shocking at that time and news were that Edhi Sahab will disown his son from any official / unofficial interference with this Foundation. Hence, the matters were resolve within the family later.

Recently, around Rs. 9 million in cash & 5 kg of gold deposits were robbed from Edhi foundation by dacoits in day time & like always police is clueless in this incident as well. Law & order is worse that donation money is also looted, until when people have to suffer this exploitation. No arrest has been made until now, on the other hand Police APPEALS to hand over the donation money as they seems helpless like always. Righteousness is eradicating from our society day by day, it’s true to say that corrupt practices have taken over the system.

There were some mixed thoughts as well that Edhi Sahab was much desirable person to win the noble prize instead of Malala, may that was not in fate but Edhi Foundation Network can be found in 24/7 across the world. Pakistan is fortunate to have a philanthropist like Edhi Sahab without any rewards. 

Let me say that this incident has brought shame to Pakistan nationally & internationally. Investigation should be transparent keeping all the views in stripe & hope Police will find the real culprits & brought them to justice.

Shariqa Ahmed

Twitter ID: @Shariqa_Ahmed

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  1. This is realy awesome blog, written on Edhi and work of his foundation. Painful is the fact that in Karachi outsiders and non-residents have destroyed our culture of respect and care.