Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Happy Birthday QeT Altaf Hussain

Growing up in Karachi is overwhelming and splendid feeling, apart from any other city of Pakistan. The most educated, learned and cultured city of Pakistan.

Politics of Pakistan has been funny in a way that when it comes to democracy only feuds & wealthy run the country to strengthen their businesses and middle knowledgeable class neither respected nor appreciated.

Altaf Hussain born to Mr.  & Mrs. Nazir Hussain was amongst educated and dignified families emerged as most powerful and brightest political personality in Pakistani & International politics. The honorable leader’s knowledge with unique political thinking of introducing / empowering middle educated class into Pakistani politics. The glory of constant movement APMSO (The then - All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organization) established in the year 1978 by Mr. Hussain is still shinning under his leadership.

The empowerment of middle class is the basic purpose of the movement, which turned into the MQM come forward as the third powerful party in politics of Pakistan. MQM, power of middle class sophisticated families from Urban Sindh has been playing important role with ability to produce genuine politicians. It is a universal truth that where there is good evil is always present.

Early this year there are ‘unseen’ forces that have been are using all necessary means to crush MQM. Years have passed but 1992 operation repeated again on MQM. Many of their workers are missing, arrested on false cases and many been killed in extra judicial custody.

MQM is a healing force and Mr. Hussain is a miracle hand for the people of Urban Sindh. MQM Workers / Supporters / Well Wishers believe that MQM is the only challenge to the status quo in Pakistan. Under the brainpower of Mr. Hussain & love from the people, MQM is still shinning as brightest star in political history of Pakistan.

September 17th, we embrace a great leader and his sacrifices for his people. This day, we do not only celebrate the memorable birthday of Mr. Altaf Hussian but we celebrate who we are, how we got there & where we have been. No matter how strong, bigger, faster & well equipped our opponents are & how ‘best’ they are presented on visual & print media. They know it too Our Great Leader is miles apart & many of our friends (who died & those who are arrested) will not be able to celebrate this event, but they will be watching and they will be gritting their teeth with every roar of the slogan ‘Jiye Altaf Hussain & ‘Jiye Muttahida’. In addition, for this crucial & difficult time we have to trust Allah & stay united, as this is how we shall be remembered and Insha’Allah grab the glory.  

Happy Birthday QeT Altaf Hussain.

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