Friday, September 4, 2015

Our Children – Our Future

It was routine morning in a private school of Patel Para, Karachi. A boy from 10th grade kills his girlfriend and committed suicide in fear of expected failure in love. These teenagers became the victim of Bollywood Industry who has already done a lot of damage in Pakistani Culture. Mentally, physically & socially teenagers in Pakistan are attracted towards the exciting, glamorous & electrifying world of Bollywood Movies / Dramas. So does NavRoz adopt and shot Fatima then took his life just to save the so called ‘LOVE’ as portrayed in Bollywood.

We as a society all are responsible of this tragedy. Hopelessness & worthlessness may create such feelings that lead to mental state of ending one’s life. In our society teenagers are neglected & caught up in that grey area between the adulthood & childhood. They are treated as ‘you are too young to understand such things’ & ‘you are too old enough to take care of yourself’. Insecurity is developed in clean mind resulting ‘my family doesn’t understand me’. We expect & pressurize our teenagers to fit socially, perform academically & to act responsibly. There’s always conflict between rules & expectations set by others to teenagers, as they themselves going through phase of sexual identity & being independent.

In my view parents of both victims must have never expected that their children will execute such act. Apart from their responsibilities they should have talked to their children, comforted them, and dealt the situation in a healthy manner. Warning attitudes of teenagers aren’t any attention seeking tactics; it’s environmental, social, mental & physical anxiety that they are going through. Discussion about suicides or death in general, or sentences like ‘I won’t be a problem for you much longer, nothing matters, it’s no issue, I won’t see you again’ are be noticed with full interest.  

Although it’s useless to write all such things because Navroz & Fatima are no more. My words or such writings can’t bring their lives back, but whoever reads it will definitely think what part we can play to end such happenings. To avoid such unfairness keep healthy relationship with your children, friendly teachers can play part and on whole promote Pakistanism, Pakistani values and its morals.

Hoping we will all play a responsible role to save our children – Our Future. 

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