Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Enough Of Hide & Seek

I Searched For You Everywhere.

Its Evening And I'm Worried About You.

Enough Of Hide And Seek, Come Before Me.
Your Mother Is Now Tired.
My Eyes Are Waiting For Your Arrival.

Hazy Is What My Sight Is, Come To Me

Slowly Darkness In Creeping In The Courtyard, Where Is My Lamp (Son)?

My Heart Is Going Through Various Emotions.

The Sun Is Setting And Gesturing To The Moon, Where Are You?

Where Are You My Moon (Son)?

Ms. Iqbal Jehan Couldn’t Recover The Shock Of Her Missing Son Mohammad Ali #MQM Worker PIB Sector Who Was Arrested By LEAs 3 Months Ago.




  1. Shame on the rulers as well as the law-enforcement agencies under whose presence, thousands of parents have lost their sons :(