Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One Direction

 Islam acknowledge women’s equality with men in great respects, unfortunately this is been missing since this Taliban sequential started all around the country. Talibans wants to implement sharyat in Pakistan, The sharyat which was preached by Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH or the one which is man made interpretation?
 The Quran states:

"And among His signs is this: that He created mates for you from yourselves that you may find rest and peace of mind in them, and He ordained between you love and mercy. Certainly, herein indeed are signs for people who reflect." [Noble Quran 30:21]

 Women has already suffered much in many areas in Pakistan they are been oppressed, many have no right to educated themselves, abused in physical & mental manners, not allowed of any medical facilities, child marriages, and forced marriages. What betterment will be brought for these problems already mugged by women?
 Government of Pakistan seeks the way of peace talks with 3 Male members from Taliban side and 4 male member committee from Government side is also been announced; no female member included neither from Taliban or Government side. Regretfully we have ignored the main entity in these dialogues, “women”.
 As the women has suffered the most and may if no preventive measure taken during the peace talks, the role of Pakistani women will not be less than of sexism & slavery.
 What woman is to Taliban? Girls are not allowed to be educated after the age of eight, unless they are allowed to study Holy Quran within the walls. Burqa should be worn by every woman and must not appear in the streets without blood relative. They encourage marriages for girls under the age of 16, and it’s reported that 80% of the marriages are suppose to be forced one. Women are not allowed to work. Not allowed to be treated by any Male Doctors remaining them untreated and times lead to deaths. Public flogging & executions of women are practice of honor so Talibans. Women are treated as toys, slaves or the notorious habit of sexism. 

As a Pakistani woman, I would like to ask the government: 

Ø     What will be the future of women in Pakistan after these peace talks?  

Ø     As per Taliban women are deficient in intelligence and religion, the woman's share of intellect does not reach man's level. Women who get out from house for work or to study will have to wear burqa otherwise they will be treated as a sign of corruption?  

Ø     They would not be allowed to speak either or their voice will be an invitation to strangers? Will every girl be treated like Malala?  

Ø     The 52% women are contributing in either in rural or in urban areas across the country, will be held back as slaves just because the artificial sharyat says so?  

Ø     Will women be allowed to cast their votes or there won’t be any elections under Shariat? In election 2013 women are not allowed by the Jirga in KPK to cast their votes in areas under Taliban’s influence?

Ø     Will girls be murdered if the found singing / dancing like happened in Kohistan? All five girls were murdered after the dancing video was leaked from a marriage ceremony.  

Ø     A pregnant Afghan widow was publicly flogged with 200 lashes and then shot 3 times in the head for “alleged adultery”; Pakistan Constitution will allow such barbarism? Will women ever be safe? 

Ø     Like in Afghanistan all ground floors & first floors of residential building are painted or covered up to prevent women being visible from streets. Will Pakistan adopt such jail type quarters in coming future? 

Ø     I do believe that there would be no photography of filming allowed in newspapers, books, shops, TV etc of women. Would there be ban for life for women in public appearances?  

Ø     Women won’t be allowed to carry out cell phones, or else they might violate so-called sharyat. Has anyone thought that way so? 

Ø     Pakistani Women would be prohibiting of wearing jeans & of course they won’t be allowed appearing in public without PROPER veil. 

Ø     Will there be medical facilities be allowed or will be left dead untreated?
Ø     Are we going back to the black era where girls were killed as they were born?

Ø     Every Pakistani woman has the right to ask Government why not women representation in Peace Talk Committee?

Ø     What contiguity plan does Government seeks for the protection of women rights?

 My reservations stands that there should be representation of women in these peace talks or else the future of Pakistani Women is much though than is now! Inferiority is already faced by 85% of the women in Pakistan; all such doubts may do bring depression and anxiety & may end up in a massive loss.
 May Allah guide us all to One Direction as written in Quran & delivered by Holy Prophet Mohammad SAWW.


 Shariqa Ahmed
Twitter: @shariqa_ahmed


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  4. This blog shows the writer has researched well and deeply sensetive with the problem faced by women in Pakistan. Well written keep it up