Friday, February 21, 2014

Tribal Wars In Sind

 Away from Karachi there are many tribes in rural Sind that have not seen peaceful mornings; tribal wars, equipped conflicts & fear of getting killed is ensemble sign; forced to opt by the locals in these zones. There are many generations that have not been away from their tribes. There are infrequent areas in Pakistan where people can’t move without terror of fear, but the situations in tribal areas of Sind is bit contrary rather alarming. Especially in Rural Sind, conflicts between ethnic groups of eastern side of River Indus & southern Sind has swallow many thousands lives. And this is the reason that the highways of rural Sind especially in dark aren’t safe to travel.
 These tribes narrate these tribal wars as ethnic replication, how deadly these replications can get may easily be stated that regardless of common man; even influential disagree to visit such places. Thus these areas have halt back the general / special public to stay away from such areas for many many years and are not welcoming to any strangers.

 Vast areas of Rural Sind is famous in draining cultural conflict but the most affected area which took away 180 lives is the war between Sloangi & Kosh tribes. As time passes this tribal wars had expanded to Sind, Punjab & Baluchistan. People in urban areas can’t imagine the fear they face to such happenings, which the locals faced very moment. The affected areas are considered to be the war zones to the outsiders or the individuals of opposite tribes.

 It is said that KACHY KA ELAQA & dacoits are best partners; as per local newspapers & the natives of such areas do tell stories about the kidnapping& extortion of travelers, natives do suggest not to travel inside villages or near Indus highway especially in night to avoid such on-goings.
 According to local Sindhi newspaper 564 men, 57 women & 20 children were murdered in 852 tribal wars in 2013 injuring 1733. These guerillas have also kidnapped 25 women& 60 men in the following year. District Khairpur the constituency of chief minister of Sind Mr. Qaim Ali Shah is said to be the most affected district in these clashes as on other hand speaker Sind Assembly Mr. Agha Siraj Durrani constituency took away most lives in the same. Larkana; headquarters of Pakistan people’s party is also in the ranking with most dangerous assassins in the lead as more than 100 killings were happened with no record behind.

 As per local news reporter these tribes have declared ceasefire but the fear has increased, locals or outsiders are afraid of killer silence. Police or any other law abiders cannot interfere or if they do they face retaliation. These tribes don’t accept law but their Sardars or waders are law to them.

 Hence, the so called parliamentarians from rural Sind keep their local areas busy in internal wars so the people couldn’t question them about the growth & development in their zones. Despite Pakistan people’s party being in government for the last 3 decades   is failed to bring development in basic necessities like schools, clear drinking water, proper sanitation, hospitals, colleges, universities, proper roads etc.

 Question is why the rural Sind is being neglected by their elected members? Why the elected parliamentarians do not focus on the betterment of common man? Do they visit their constituencies & try to resolve their issues? Why law and order is not established in such areas? Why people in rural Sind ignored by their stakeholders? People of rural Sind want to know what’s store in their future or is the slavery their ultimate destination. 
Shariqa Ahmed
Twitter @shariqa_ahmed

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  1. Question raised by the author are just and valid and need an answer from those who enjoyed the Sind festival and now rest in their mansions and palaces while Sind and Sindhi are still sobbing and crying.