Tuesday, March 18, 2014

From 1984 ---> To 2014

Migration is a painful act in which a person / group of persons or a nation say farewell to their homeland and migrate to another destination. These migrations sometimes kill their own identity and meant to adopt the norms of new place.

In Pakistan everyone keeps asking about who is Mohajir & what is Mohajir? To reply it is said that definition of Mohajir is same as the definition of Pakistan. Even after many years the question is still very much alive that who are Mohajirs and where do they come from? These people are neither Punjabi, Sindhi, Pathans nor Baluchs, but just Pakistanis.

March 18, 1984 was the foundation day of MQM (the then Mohajir Quami Movement) which was founded by Altaf Hussain who realized the difficulties, fears & unlawfulness by so called fueds & waderaas faced by Mohajirs. This organization was not against anyone but was formed for safety & to save the future of their coming generations. This movement consisted on courageous & literate youth; who had vision to do something better and respectable for their country and nation. MQM was formed not for supremacy or power but for the rights of the people who migrated just in name of Pakistan. MQM’s basic decree was to unite Mohajirs who faced illegality & injustice.

With Altaf Hussain; MQM was successful enough to unite many of its followers and received outstanding support from the two big cities of Pakistan i.e. Hyderabad & Karachi. MQM succeeded in bringing up the well-educated middle class youth and sent them to National Assembly of Pakistan, Provincial Assembly, Mayors & Counselors. This was the very first time in Pakistan’s history that middle class representation were elected; were sent to National & Provincial Assemblies. Where this was not even thought that people from middle class will ever be able to compete & will ever win elections and may ever be sent to National or Provincial Assemblies against the huge feuds & waderaas.

Hence the change was there, Altaf Hussain succeeded in bringing up such talented & sending deserving youth to the supreme representation of Pakistan. This revolution bought ray of light in the middle class & lower class, which became possible under MQM platform. The vision of realism & practicalsm has already spread in various cities of Pakistan. Serving humanity is faith, building positive Pakistan is belief & philosophy of life is conviction.

Since 1984 till this date March 18, 2014 the movement is towards to its destination and InshaALLAH Positive Pakistan will bloom in the world soon.

Shariqa Ahmed

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