Friday, March 7, 2014

My Own Companion Am I….!

As we grow Life teaches many things which aren’t been explained, written or act. Throughout my childhood I was daddy’s girl & my father was my hero, my 1st love! He gave me security & confidence for the rest of my life. I always felt secured – protected under his shelter.

I lost my father when I was 20; life takes a turn & leaving me with empty feet & no path to lean on. Leaving my dreams aside; took a harsh step and started job to look after the siblings. After completion of studies of my brother & sister, was married as my mother desired. 

Like every wife devoted my life to my husband, was blessed by a daughter. But things were getting bad, like conservative men; domestic violence was routine & things worse day by day. There I took a harsh stand and left husband with a 4 year old daughter.

There I explored for myself;
There was the birth of sense ‘KHUDI’.

I gave away the string of my life in HIS (Allah) hands;
As HE (Allah) is incharge of my life.

HE (Allah) protects me on each step;
I don’t feel scared anymore.

He (Allah) let me see beyond horizons now,
I feel like swinging up to clouds.

The rosy light of dawn washes away,
The darkness of night.

He (Allah) opened doors to fresh new world,
I bask in my loneliness.

He (Allah) opened my eyes & unlock my soul,
I find my voice, my soul mates lives within!

My mind began to play to its own rhythm,
My feet, once stilled are now dancing!

I am no longer alone, I am my own friend,
My own companion am I….!

(This is a true story of my very dear friend, now she is MashaALLAH running her own business & taking very good care of her daughter – With Blessings of Almighty – Alone)

Shariqa Ahmed


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