Friday, June 27, 2014

Welcome Ramadan

I am very thankful of Allah Almighty that he blessed us all another year of Ramadan, a unique annual event which is waited among nearly 2 billion human beings around the world. Fasting is the undoubtedly is the most honored way of reflecting spiritual practices.

Ever wonder being Muslims; why do we fast? And what does Ramadan teaches us? And what are the benefits?

There is no doubt that there are countless rewards of fasting in Ramadan & its full benefits are known only to Allah Almighty, but according to knowledge and practices the prize is most precious.

The five pillars are the foundation of Islam, which form the basis for a spiritual culture designed to provide an ideal environment for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Fasting in Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, constituting one of the most important spiritual practices designed to empower a human being in overcoming the self and transcending the ego, the one true veil between a human being and his or her Creator.

Spiritual purification is one of the primary benefit of Ramadan, the important goal of Islamic Spirituality. Mind, body & spirit are counted as separate gears but truth is they all are connected & related to each other. Improvement in any component will naturally affect others. Fasting in Ramadan purifies the mind, body and spirit, leading to greater clarity, sensitivity and health.

Fasting in Ramadan has scientifically documented that the only thing that can effect for improving human health & permanency is the intake reduction & consumption of food. Fasting in Ramadan allows the digestive system & body parts to rest from the daily demands of processing & breaking down the food. Etc. For the health & youthful life one must fast in Ramadan.

Ramadan gives us chance for renewing solidarity and cultivating relationships with one’s family and community, which is the greatest benefits of fasting. The ones who fasts in Ramadan can only truly describes the beauty & joy of opening fast, observing Taraveh & celebrating the gift of life for 30 days with family & loved ones. The greatest social experience of any human being ever experience is fasting in Ramadan, the most important & unique pillar of Islamic practice.

People don’t realize generally until the month of Ramadan is gone, what they have missed. By fasting one become acutely aware of the unlimited richness of priceless favor of Allah Almighty, which HE has blessed humanity with many tasty food? Enhancing gratitude is the important purpose in Islam, and fasting in Ramadan cultivate gratitude. 

Its fact that we as human beings are totally dependent upon the heavenly grace of Allah Almighty for survival. Fasting in Ramadan we realize in modest way about these blessings. Living the materialistic life we take things for granted & become neglectful. The holy month of Ramadan continually reminds us about our weaknesses, our strengths, goodness and selflessness.

We live in a world of natural richness, countless beauty & wisdom, due to lack of compassion, unity & harmony among human beings throughout the world people yet struggle with poverty, hunger & scarcity. By fasting in Ramadan we develop the holy qualities of understanding & compassion. Teaches us our core connection & oneness as human beings regardless of borders & labels that create an artificial separation among the citizens of human race.

Ramadan is a gift from God, enabling us to become more compassionate, caring, kind and grateful. Its gives us unique opportunity to develop spiritually and gain strength to control over ourselves, our egos, the nafs, the unconscious automatic primitive nature that tends to dominate our lives when unchecked.

May Allah Almighty guide us all & guide us on the right path, Ameen.

May you all have blessed Ramadan.  

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