Sunday, September 14, 2014

Love & Respect

  My mother a was Lecturer in Government Girls Teachers Training College Hussainabad, I’m writing her experience that happened back in 1986.

 It is a training college for girls who want to become teachers. It was a government college operating 2 shifts and within reach of every middle class family. It was easier for middle class families to educate their girls and adopt teaching as a profession as well. It was an only teacher training college in entire Sind, therefore, there were limited seats available.

 This particular incident happened in second shift, the admission season was over and new batch was there with new teachers & new hopes. Three young men entered the principle office and ask her to enroll their sister (so-called) in this academic year. As the admission was over and all the seats were occupied; the principle advised the boys to get enrolled in next academic year. Those boys started pressurizing the principle and threatened her with dire consequences and showed their affiliation with the leading political party of Karachi.

 The very next morning the second shift principle discussed the incident with first shift principle and they both decided to lodge proper complain about those boys in their area's Rabta Office. Within an hour of filing the complain Mr. Azeem Ahmed Tariq along with two other men entered the office and respectfully apologize the principle and promised to return with the boys who misbehaved.

 The very next morning Mr. Azeem Ahmed Tariq and Mr. Badar Iqbal came to college along with three boys. Mr. Azeem Ahmed Tariq asked the principle to identify them if they were the same boys, and she did. Mr. Badar Iqbal scolded the boys and punished them in front of the whole college staff.

 This was the discipline & principal which was followed by MQM, and everyone was made accountable without any favoritism. MQM is known as the most focused & composed political party that Pakistan ever had. The process of learning should never end, one must keep this door open. I’ve thinking about what Mr. Altaf Hussain is trying to achieve by making all party member accountable irrespective of their position. This method of accountability is what that has made MQM what its today despite the heavy loss of workers lives.

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