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Women - A Curse In Pakistan

Why wasn’t the sitting government questioned for resignations? Why an emergency parliament session wasn’t called upon? Why wasn’t any protest or sit-in systematized? Why any political or religious personal didn’t allege it? It was a dark day in Lahore on May 27th, 2014; in the daylight at Lahore High Court, occurs a cruel incident that has brought shame not to the people in Pakistan only but to the entire world. It must have taken 15 to 20 minutes for this act to be played; and there must have been 20 to 30 people watching this. She was been SANSAAR – in the name of Honor, braced by Lahore Police within the High Court premises. This case wasn’t of much importance to Government, but after criticisms from all over the world Supreme Court & State got in motion. The case is now in Anti-Terrorist Court.

Life of a Pakistani Women in 21st century has not been better as it was in Stone Age; lack of non-implementation of Law has given birth to barbarism. The question arise that apart from electricity crises, terrorism, rigging; honor killing is ignorable in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Pakistan which came into being in the name of Islam, and under these women is used as a tool to release anger in every form. Political parties which has a major role in building structure of a society, why aren’t they unite against the weaknesses within culture & norms.
According to researchers almost 1000 women are killed between 1999 to 2004, unfortunately the count has increased to 4% till today. Human Rights Commission says 933 were killed in name of honor & other 1601 women were killed in other cruel reasons just in 6 early months of 2013.

The total count of registered cases in 2013









From Jan 2014 to date



As Islamic Republic our stakeholders turn their eyes off on such cases, but when the world criticize us as in this particular case High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay strongly condemns the killing of Faraza and watching closely to this case. They also urged the Government to take preventive measure to stop such killings.
Still remember the case filed by Ms. Saima Sarwar married to resident of Peshawar, fled to Lahore & was living with her parents after leaving her husband for about 4 years. She was killed by some unidentified persons hired by her ex-husband family as they have threatened her to kill her if she tried to divorce her husband. This incident took place in the year 1999 at Office of her attorney Ms. Asma Jahangir. No arrest was made and no case was registered against such act.
Likewise in the year 2008 from a remote area of Baluchistan province five women were buried alive, allegedly by the younger brother of Mr. Sadiq Umrani, the provincial minister and a prominent leader of the ruling party at that time. However, police have still not arrested the perpetrators after one month of the incident. (Reference: The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC))
Same as Rukhsana (not her real name) once delayed to provide food for her husband’s dog, was maltreated & abducted that whole night by her husband. The next morning it was felt necessary to see doctor, but doctors refused to treat her as it was a police case. The doctors asked them to bring a letter from police station for the same, so she went to police station with her mother, and was able to brought letter against bribe. In this whole scenario her father & brother kept themselves aside & said it’s her husband & he has every right to treat whatever way he wants to. (True Story via Human Rights Commission Asia)
Hakim (not his real name) was happily married & was planning to have a child got trapped in vicious plan to the person to whom he owed 10,000/- (opponents of his Wadera). One day he was called by his Wadera & said that the person Hakim owes money is his enemy too, he planned to accuse Hakim’s wife having an affair with their mutual enemy. Wadera assures him that they will call for Jirga & Jirga would be headed by me, will ask for his enemies’ daughter in compensation. But all went wrong, that Wadera bonded up with his own enemy; bribed the police & Hakim was blamed for killing his own wife in the end. (True Story Via Human Rights Commission Asia)
Hypocrisy is worse curse than blasphemy. Increase in religious interests, pack Masajids aren’t creating responsible individuals. We don’t practice Islam in daily lives; we act totally opposite against Islam. This ‘honor killing’ is basically a product of Beghairti and Behissi. How come this honor is never been awaken when there is jumble in food, when police arrests innocent young boys from neighborhood, we owe millions & billions; that has to be paid don’t know for how many generations – no honor there. We don’t throw garbage in bins, like to spit on neighbor’s wall, over flooded gutters all across the streets – no honor establish there. But this HONOR is awake only on the act of a Woman, which is her religious as well as her social right. Choosing life partner and practicing the right of marrying man she want is not only allowed but is her religious right.
Shariqa Ahmed
Twitter: @shariqa_ahmed


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